A Heart Touching Real Life Incident That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This story has changed many people’s lives with more positive outlook at life’s small and wonderful moments.
This will also bring tears in your eyes…

It was written by NYC cabbie named Kent Nerburn which in his book named “Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace.”

• I reached the address and honked; after a few moments, I honked again.
• It was the last ride of my shift so I considered driving away
• But rather I parked the car and knocked the door
• A frail lady told me to wait for 1 more minute.

• I saw a small woman in her 90s wearing a hat and a print dress, like in an old movie.
• She had small suitcase and the no one lived in that flat for long time.
• She requested me to carry her bag to the car and then took my arm toward the cab.
• She thanked me for the kindness and blessed me with many positive sayings.

• I said it’s nothing; I do it for every passenger.
• She gave me an address for her destination- it was a hospitals’ address…
• She wanted to go through the longest possible way as she said she was not in a hurry.”
• She said ‘I have no family left and doctors say I don’t have very long either
• I was moved and shut off the meter without telling her.

• For the next couple of hours, we drove through the city.
• The old lady showed me the building where she worked as an elevator operator, district where she and her spouse had once lived as newlyweds, and a furniture warehouse that was once a ballroom where she had went dancing as a young girl!
• She then said ‘I’m tired; let’s go now’.
• It was small building with a driveway where 2 elderly people came out to the cab.
• She sat in a wheelchair and I gave her the suitcase.
• She asked me how much she owed me..
• I said ‘Nothing at all.
• Without thinking, I bent over and gave her a hug tightly to which she said- ‘Thank you for giving an old woman a little moment of joy.’

• I gripped her hand and went in the weak morning light and drove aimlessly in thoughts.

That day I thought, what if I had gotten angry at the old woman or just drove away to end the day early…

I responded myself honestly that “I don’t think that I have done anything more significant in my life than that.”
All of us mostly lose the great moments of life due to our lack of awareness about life’s little, beautiful things and emotions…