Kim Jong Un Doppelganger Spotted Walking Around NYC

The infamous Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was spotted patrolling around the streets of New York City earlier this week. Dubbed as the Rocket Man, he visited Trump Towers, Korea Town and even the Wall Street. It turned out that the doppelganger did a roundabout in NYC for ten hours. People who spotted him had various reactions.


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It turned out that the Supreme Leader seen by many people in New York is actually a YouTube star named QPark. He avoided the costume wearing craze of the Halloween season by donning the Supreme Leader outfit a week in advance and the results are mindblowing.


As seen on the 6 minute video with more than a million views, many people were actually convinced (at first glance) that the Supreme Leader is actually right in front of them. While some people actually greeted QPark and seems to be playing with his prank. In a hilarious way, he is even spotted in a Trump Tower reception hall.

Different reactions from onlookers made the video more hilarious. QPark did an amazing job emulating the vibe of the Supreme Leader. The amazing video can be watched below.