Very Intimate and Joyful Activities for Building a Strong Bond with Your Partner

There are things you can do that can also build a strong bond with your partner. They make you feel closer, and if you do them right, they will probably lead to even better sex.


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Do not be afraid of deeper intimacy than just the horizontal (or vertical if you feel like a change) tango. Try some of them today and see how incredible they make you and your partner feel.

Spend some time cuddling

Make you cuddle directly. Turns on background sounds like a movie you’ve both seen a hundred times, or some erotic music.

Just wrap yourself up and listen to the gentle rhythm of the heartbeat and breathing of the other. It’s cute and a lot more intimate than you might think. This really gives you the opportunity to get close to you.

Talk about what’s really important

You say you’re fine, he grunts that his day was good, too. You could tell a meaningless celebrity gossip, and he’ll tell you how proud he was of a physical gas he excreted earlier. That is not enough.

Conduct a deeper conversation. You do not have to do it every day. You have to talk about hopes, fears, dreams and even about the relationship itself. There is always something happening in our lives that shakes us, raises questions and uncertainties in us, or awakens new feelings in us.

Talking about all this with your partner removes you from the trap many couples fall into becoming “invisible” to the other.

Offer your partner to help him with something

Nothing is as sexy as a man who is not afraid to help with dish washing or other work. When you help your partner with a random assignment, you both get extra time together, showing you that you take care of each other and spend time, no matter what it is. It’s amazing how close you get when you wash and he dries.

Play truth or duty

Add a little risk to the equation with good old truth or duty. I know it may sound childish, but why should couples have to be ready around the clock?

Sit in the middle of the living room floor and have fun. You’ll laugh and open in no time, and maybe you’ll learn more about the other. If you play it right, one intimate thing can easily turn into another.

Try something new together

When you try something new together, you both become more vulnerable. None of you knows what to expect. This means that you share the entire experience together for the first time.

It’s simple, but very intimate. You can attend a course together or try out a new sport. Even if it turns out that you do not enjoy it so much, take it with humour and look for the next one. Not every pair is made for dancing, and that does not matter – you define that which is romantic!

Making out

Somewhere along the way, we have lost sight of the joy of simple grooming. Keep the clothes on and enjoy the thrill of kissing without expecting anything else. Going directly to the main course is so boring. Try with something innocent and see how connected you really feel.

Sleep together

I do not mean sex. I’m talking about literally sleeping with each other. Roll up and drift off. Trusting each other enough to just sleep together is incredibly intimate. It is also amazingly romantic.

Share your fantasies

I did not say that other forms of intimacy need to completely rule out sex. How many times did you want to do a role play? How about a little bondage? I guess you were too shy to bring it up.

Sit down and share your fantasies with him. You do not have to do it right now, maybe you’re just waiting for the moment when you’re in the mood for it, but it takes guts to open up and say what you’d like to try someday.

Mutual massage

Skip the pros and massage each other instead. One of the loveliest things in the world for me is a man who knows how to rub all the tension out of my neck and back. It’s okay to get undressed. Outside of an intimate, relaxing massage, you simply have no expectations.

Dance to your favourite songs

Do you want to see yourself without the daily stress and just have fun? Dance to your favourite songs. Get together, make a playlist and dance like nobody is watching. You will laugh, overcome your shyness, and open each other in ways you have probably never done before.

Games, games

The most important thing first … does not do this if one of you is overly competitive! If victory is not the only thing that matters to you, you should have a game night. There are many board and card games for two players. Skip the video games for this time. Other games are more intimate and encourage deeper conversations.

Sharing an embarrassing secret

I know the idea that he knows about the chewing gum stuck in your hair and how you spent your senior year with a massive portion of missing hair is frightening. Who cares? Laughing together is intimate. Go ahead, share your embarrassing secrets. He will have many of his own.

Share the other’s favourite hobby

We all dreamed of finding the right person who will love all our hobbies. It’s not going to happen, but it’s a bit intimate to be ready to try each other’s hobbies. Each of you should choose a hobby that you would like to try.

Even if you do not like it, you will understand it better. The smile that you see on the face of your favourite, if you offer to try it at least, will melt your heart.

Intimacy also takes place outside the bedroom. Try it and you will find life more and more interesting and joyful.