Weddings are beautiful events where, not only the ones getting married but, the families too bond in an eternal bond of love and trust. Some simple and small gestures for your loved one can make the event even more beautiful. Read how a man made his wedding the most beautiful and the most romantic wedding ever!


The wedding that we are talking about, is of a Portuguese couple, Jefferson, and Jessica. Jefferson did something which made his wedding worth remembering and worth discussing. Such a beautiful gesture it was that it made everyone love him even more.


On the aisle, when the very beautiful Jessica and Jefferson were about to exchange the vows, Jefferson uttered something that shocked everyone. He suddenly admitted that he was madly in love with someone else. People present there had no idea about what was going on.


While people normally curse grooms and brides who admit their love for someone else on their wedding, Jefferson was loved. He went to Jessica’s eight-year-old daughter, Giovanna and proposed her to be his dear daughter for his entire life.


Everyone was in love with this new father of this daughter. He promised her with words that made every guest sitting there emotional. “I also give you love, my love. I will take care of you and always protect you and never let anything bad happen to you,” Jefferson said, looking into her eyes.



Jefferson is the kind of father every child deserves. His gesture not only gifted him a daughter that would love and cherish him forever, but his bond with Jessica reached a divine strength. After the speech, Giovanna held the microphone with tears in her eyes thanked her dad. It is a wedding that is winning hearts and love. I hope they stay happy forever.


Here is the video that will make your day a little more beautiful. Such gestures are very important, to come a little closer and for a happier life. Giovanna is a lucky girl.