Girl’s Entire Family committed suicide because she Married a Man of her choice!

In the Udaipur city of Rajasthan, a family of 4 members committed suicide on the 9th of October. The oldest daughter, Komal, has been missing since the day of the incident. The family included a high school teacher who consumed pesticide along with his wife and son Nikhil and daughter Anju.

According to reports, the entire colony had celebrated the Karwa Chauth festival in the house of the deceased, Vinod Sharma. It was here that a few of neighbours noticed his oldest daughter Komal partaking in the festival as well. Considering the girl was unmarried, her action angered and the family. The next day, the entire family was found dead and Komal was missing…

After officials began probing into the matter, several neighbours revealed that Komal was involved in a relationship with a boy of another caste.

They had noticed the two on several occasions in the past as well.

Komal and the boy have reportedly been in a relationship since their 10th grade and the duo had allegedly even had a court marriage.

The entire matter came into light after Komal was seen celebrating Karwachauth. And when the family intervened, she disclosed her secretly held wedding.


Fearing societal shame, the family reportedly committed suicide after Komal fled her home and decided to start living with the boy.

Officials are currently in search of Komal and her ‘husband’ who have been absconding since the day of the incident.

In the suicide note written by Vinod Kumar, he had specifically mentioned that no individual was responsible for the family committing suicide.