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If you have tried different types of solutions for insufficient sleep such as medication, a better mattress, relaxation techniques, banana tea and other remedies and you still have problems with sleeping, this is the real article for you.

It is commonly known that spending time out in Mother Nature has numerous health benefits, but if we bring a little bit of Mother Nature indoors, could we get a better sleep at night. Beside the better sleep, bringing plants to your house has a lot of different benefits, including Better smell, Better air quality, Headache relief, Reduced stress, Boosted mood, Less anxiety, Improved brain function, Cold / Illness prevention and Improved Sleep.

Lavander Plant

Surely, you have used lavender essential oil, but you should try to grow your own lavender plant. This amazing plant, in all its forms, has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, slow heart rate and even reduce crying in babies.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are easy to keep alive and are great for decorations. They improve air quality by filtering the oxygen in which way they also improve the overall atmosphere of a home. According to some studies, snake plants when indoors, help people with headaches, respiratory symptoms, improve productivity levels and help them to avoid eye irritation.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera was listed as one of NASA’s top air-improving plants because it is able to emit oxygen at night, which means that with increased oxygen supply at night, it may help you with insomnia and improve overall quality of sleep. What’s more, it is an excelent indoor plant, because it has a host of benefits and is easy to keep alive.

Jasmine Plant

It is an exotic plant that with its smell helps you to improve the quality of sleep, alertness and productivity the next day, reduce anxiety and stress just by smelling it.

Pure air helps you sleep better at night and be more productive during the day.


Most of the people are unaware that the poor quality of air can affect their quality of sleep as well as their overall health and wellness. Most of the time the principal factor of diseases and illness are mold and airborne contaminants. Those annoying symptoms you have been experiencing for years, will improve by adding indoor plants to your home and they will also purify your air.

These are just one of the many different kinds of plants that can thrive indoors, so don’t stop with this list and look for more.