Eyewitnesses On 9/11 Attacks – ‘Plane Wasn’t An Airliner’

September 11, 2001, is a day that will forever be etched into every American’s mind in the most horrific way. However, the most disturbing aspect of this attack is the prospect that it was perpetrated by our own government for their nefarious ends.

While a number of theories have been proposed, there are a number of eye witness accounts that could entirely back the possibility that we have not been given the true account of that day by our government. According to the official story, commercial jets were hijacked and then aimed by terrorists at not only the twin towers but also the pentagon.

But what if they weren’t commercial airliners that struck the twin towers? What if instead, they were unmanned military drones that were used to perpetuate fear among the people. That is exactly what the following eye witness accounts may conclude. Of course, the people giving the interviews probably didn’t realize what their statements would later mean, but they are important nonetheless.

For example, one man asserts on live television that,

“It wasn’t a commercial airliner, no….the second one didn’t have any markings on it…..no emblems….no logos….”
In another excerpt, a news anchor explains that the second plane was an “unmarked silver fuselage…”

However, the government continues to assert that it was a United Airlines 175. But, even if eye witness accounts aren’t enough to make you believe, the end part of the video explaining the engine that was found will. The engine that was discovered didn’t belong to any of the planes that supposedly went missing that day. Furthermore, no other plane used by United Airlines has EVER used that engine. Sadly, those of use who don’t believe the official story are deemed, nutcases. But, what do you believe?