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A human soul weighs this much…

In an experiment done about the existence of human soul, several things were found out:

·         People have always taken soul as a vital part of body for many years.

·         In 1907, one Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill in Massachusetts tried to weigh the soul!

·         He had a special bed- rightly set light framework built on delicately balanced platform beam scales- in his office.

·         He declares it was precise to 2/10th of an ounce or 5.5 grams.

·         He selected a patient dying with a disease that makes great fatigue, the death occurring with little or no muscular movement on a perfectly balanced scale.

·         He engaged 6 terminally ill people and measured their weight loss- associated with soul leaving the body!

·         By one of his patients’ deathbed, he wrote that “after almost 4 hours, the patient expired and unexpectedly the beam end dropped with an audible stroke and said there with no bounce back.

·         The weight was said to be 3/4th of an ounce!

Courtesy: abc.net.au