The Cockroach Theory – Simple And Profound Life Lessons It Teaches You


Learn this Cockroach Theory and be a winner!

This is probably one of the most effective way for Self Development…

  • At a restaurant, 1 cockroach sat on a lady suddenly; she screamed loud and jumped.
  • Both her hands tried to get rid of that cockroach
  • Her reaction was infectious: everyone in the group panicked.
  • Finally, she pushed the roach away and it landed on another lady in the group.
  • It was now the turn of this woman to do the same.
  • A waiter rushed to their rescue and the pest fell on him.
  • But the waiter stood firm, calmed himself, and saw the actions of the cockroach.
  • When he became confident, he clutched the roach with his fingers and threw it out.

Was the cockroach to be blamed for their dramatic actions?

If really it was so, why waiter was not disturbed?

  • The waiter handled the situation without any chaos.
  • It was not the cockroach but the helplessness of ladies to handle the disturbance.

So, it is the protest of our parent or boss or partner that disturbs us but our lack of ability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that upsets us.

More than the trouble, it’s the response to the difficulty that makes disorder in our life.

This means:

  • Never react in life like the women here; just respond like the waiter.
  • Reactions are instinctive and responses are well thought of

This would help a great deal in saving relationship and many other problems in life…to stay away from anger, worry or stress.