Employees Share Stories About The Scariest Experiences They’ve Had At Ordinary Day Jobs

When it comes to working an ordinary, run-of-the-mill day job, you don’t typically think of something scary happening in an environment like that…like an office environment or a department store.

Well, there’s the every day, “this is my reality omg what am I doing with my life I have a university degree why am I working retail?” kind of scary, but this isn’t that.

The following 24 creepy tales, were submitted by Reddit users in a thread about the creepiest experiences they’ve had working during a non-haunted business hour, away from any scary places like woods or convents.

1) Glitch In The Matrix: Every few months or so, over twenty women in my department would come in wearing nearly identical outfits. It was odd. We were all different ages, races, and styles, but there’d be a day when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE would show up in a black skirt and a red blouse. A few months later, everyone showed up wearing brown slacks and a cream colored dress shirt. A few months after that, we wore grey skirts and black sweaters. It was crazy. We could never figure out why this was happening and it always creeped me out. It seemed to represent some sort of hive mind working on us. (Reddit user: steamstroller)


2) The Little Girl: I work in a residential environment as a service technician. I have to go to apartments, condos, etc to fix things. I was working in a condo with over 70 floors and 8 elevators. The layout of the building is confusing, so it’s easy to get lost. After doing some work on one of the top floors, I take the elevator down to the parking level. When the doors open I hear weeping. I get out and I look everywhere, and I can’t find the source of the crying. Finally, I found a girl, hunched over facing the corner. It was really scary, like something right out of The Ring. For a moment I considered running, but I decided to ask her what’s wrong. Turns out she was just lost and scared, so I escorted her back to the concierge so security could help her find her room. (Reddit user: Flatulatory)

3) The Photographs: I’m a teacher of adult students, and one student, in particular, was kind of intense and creepy. She was attending a different school, but then requested to attend my classes specifically. She kept giving me “Welcome Presents” as I was new to her country, but I found everything a little too excessive. She messaged me on social media and got upset when I didn’t reply to her messages. After a few months I thought she had gotten bored of me, but then in the last week of classes she approached me and handed me an envelope full of photos that she had taken of me during lessons without me knowing. I was weirded out. (Reddit user: antisarcastics)

4) The Wal-Mart Greeter: I started a new job at Wal-Mart when I was 18. I met the “Front Door Greeter” … let’s call him Donald. He was pretty nice and charming, but I had no context to get to know him otherwise. One day while I was on my break in the back room, Donald knocks on the staff door and asks to come in. I let him in, thinking maybe he forgot the passcode to the door. When he got in, he waltzed into the manager’s office and started rifling through people’s things. Turns out, Donald never worked at Wal-Mart. He just stole one of our vests. Had to call the cops and everything. Luckily he got scared before he could do anything and then ran off. They caught him in the parking lot. (Reddit user: deleted)

5) The Letter: Shortly after the unfortunate tragedy at Virginia Tech, my office got a weird anonymous death threat in our mail. The person who sent it used cut up magazine letters, calling the office names and its owners. They had to call the cops and our whole work closed for a couple of days. Turns out it was from an employee who had been fired. She apparently was let go for a whole list of reasons. Don’t know what happened to her. (Reddit user: Barkingpanther)

6) The Tanning Salon Mystery: I used to work at a tanning salon. One morning I was alone during the early shift, and I swear I heard what sounded like a full grown man running down the hallway. I looked but there was nothing… just me. No machines had been turned on yet, and as far as I know, there was no one else in the building. I sat in the office and waited till my coworker arrived. (Reddit user: oogaloog)

7) The Wedding Dress: I had to respond to a “welfare check” for an elderly woman who nobody had seen or heard from in a few days. I drove over to her house, and I found her hanged in a dirty basement, wearing her wedding dress and still swaying. Her tongue and eyes were bulging out of her face, and her neck was all stretched out. It was a really awful sight to behold. Poor woman. (Reddit user: Traumajunkie971)

8) The Invitation: When I was a teenager I was working in retail as a cashier. I had an old couple in my line and they were going to purchase a wok. The husband who was at least 85 years old started making conversation with me about the wok while his wife was on the phone. He asked me if I like Chinese, and I said sure. He then asked me if I wanted to get Chinese food with him. I said no. He looked disappointed for a moment before turning to me and asking “Would you at least like to come home with me and live in my basement?” I had to be firm and say no. His wife never heard what he said. To this day I’m wondering if it was a joke or not. (Reddit user: angelxdamian)


9) Gas Station Fright: I used to work at a gas station. I had the afternoon shift from 2 pm to 11 pm. It’s a gas station in one of the nicer cities around here, so I was never afraid or worried about anything while on the job. One day a gentleman in a suit walks in, looks me in the eyes and asks if I’m enjoying my last day on earth. He walked away before I could answer. (Reddit user: atStevens98)

10) Creepy Co-worker: There’s a senior partner at a law firm that I work at who enjoys hitting on the receptionist. The receptionist is younger than his kids and is often too naive to notice when he’s hitting on her. She says he’s just treating her like an uncle would and just being friendly. I’ve overheard him talking about pleasuring himself to the thought of her. I’m going to figure out a way to let her know. (Reddit user: Send_me_your_salt)

11) Forklift Accident: This isn’t creepy but it’s definitely frightening. I used to manage a small retail store, and on the 4th of July, the owners took the day off and dropped all responsibility on me. We had two stock boys goofing off with a forklift when one of them suddenly bursts through the door, screaming profanities before fainting on the floor. I look down at his ankle and notice it’s broken and poking out of his skin. Apparently, they broke safety rules on the forklift, one thing lead to another and the other guy drove over this guy’s ankle twice. I managed to take responsibility, had the other guy contact 911, and he got rushed to the hospital. They managed to save his foot. (Reddit user: smallof2pieces)

12) Barista Problems: I was working at a Starbucks in a busy metropolitan area when I was in my early 20s. One day while working the morning shift, this guy comes into the cafe, screaming that he needed help. Everybody panics, so I calmly take off my apron, walk into the cafe and ask him what’s wrong. He says there’s a huge problem outside and there’s danger. I follow him outside and ask him where the danger was. He scratched his head and said he couldn’t remember, then just walked away. It was creepy. (Reddit user: deleted)


13) Warehouse Woes: I work in a large delivery warehouse and was working the morning shift. We got a huge shipment in from a supplier, and we were getting ready to distribute the parcels for home delivery. While we were unpacking the contents, I hear this horrible muffled screaming coming from inside the pallet. At first, we were freaked, then the screaming turns to meowing. Turns out, some person’s house cat snuck off and got stuck inside the delivery. We coaxed him out with some tuna. He was fine and got returned the same day. It ended up being funny, but at first, we were all freaked. (Reddit user: deleted)

14) Office Cubicle: I was the first one to arrive early at work in my call center office job. I went into the break room and dropped off my lunch, but the cabinet doors were open like in the Sixth Sense. I thought it was just a joke from someone the night before, so I closed the cupboards and went to work. A few minutes later, my coffee was ready so I went back to the break room to find several of the doors open again. Naturally, I was terrified there was a ghost, but what I found was so much funnier. A raccoon had somehow busted in and was hiding in the kitchen. We had to call animal control, but for a minute there I thought it was a ghost. (Reddit user: deleted)

15) Messy Pennies: I worked fast food for a while and an old man came in, ordered a meal and sat to read a book for the afternoon. He had a horrible cough and would talk to random strangers and just seemed weird. He went to use the bathroom and then left. When I went into the bathroom after him, he had defecated all over the floor and smeared dozens of pennies into it. His feces were all over the sink, the walls, and the door handle. Why did he put his pennies into it!? (Reddit user: Throawaybobby69)

16) The Open House: I’m a realtor working in Vancouver B.C. I was hosting an open house in a rough neighborhood. I showed a woman in her 30s around the townhouse. I saw a female drug addict emerge from an alley, and as we went upstairs I saw a naked man from the waist down shuffling toward the open-house sign. I had a bad feeling about the front door, and I was right. We opened the door and this nude heroin addict was standing on the doormat with a needle sticking out of her elbow. The buyer screamed and ran out the door. We called 911 and I watched the paramedics take care of the poor woman. It was terribly sad but terribly creepy. I went home to hug my wife and children. (Reddit user: Im-Back-Baby)


17) Wrong Bed: I worked at a mattress store and we were having a busy holiday event where people could get really good deals. We have a policy that if someone is trying out our mattresses (IE lying down on them) to let them have a quiet moment to themselves before approaching. I see this old woman lying down and think “oh she’s trying it out.” I let her be. I went off to help another customer and forgot about the woman (Remember, it was busy.) An hour or so goes by and I went back and saw she was still there so I went up to ask her if she needed any help. Turns out she died. So we just had a dead body in the store and nobody noticed. (Reddit user: deleted)

18) Radioshack Manager Discovery: I worked for Radioshack back in the good ol’ 90s, and I was getting ready to open up the story on a Saturday morning. I check in, get the store ready, then I head to the manager’s office to grab the tills. I found my manager with his pants off, and his hands on his privates, and a necktie tied around his neck and onto the filing cabinet. He died trying to perform an ‘act’ on himself. Tragic. It’s also the day I started drinking heavily. (Reddit user: meandrunkR2D2)

19) Tattoo Spookies!: I worked in a tattoo shop where both of the previous owners had died. One apparently died a block away from the shop. So I’m giving a tattoo to a customer, and this light above us starts to flicker like crazy. It flickers so much that it becomes a distraction, so as I joke I look up at the light and should “okay (previous owner) I get it. You’re there. Now stop it.” and immediately the light stops flickering. Really scary. (Reddit user: mmiikkiitt)

20) Locomotive Miracle: I’m a train engineer. We had a homeless dude stand in the middle of the tracks with his arms outstretched like he wanted to hug the train. We hit him square on. Often deer or other animals get dragged under the trains or they bounce high up. This guy bounced. We call 911 and stopped the train. We weren’t in a hurry to go see what would obviously be a corpse so we waited. Cops arrive. Turns out, the guy broke his collarbone and cut his arm. He walked away from the accident and sat in the ambulance himself. This never happens. Turns out the guy was out to stop trains and preach the bible. I told the cops he found the right church. (Reddit user: BrakenmanBobb)


21) Snow Plow Blunder: I work as a plowman, and I was out plowing during a lot of snow blowing over in the wind. The temperature was -20c and it was way too cold. I was plowing an old folk’s home/residence with a pond beside it, and maybe 5 minutes into plowing the area, I noticed a person standing and watching me from the back of the property. I thought maybe someone was lost so I went to go check it out. No footprints, nothing. Told the property manager the next day, and he said nobody was missing. I don’t know if I was seeing things, or if there was a guy watching me out in -20c weather. (Reddit user Sma11ey)

22) Little Office Girl: I stayed at the office pretty late and I thought for sure I was the only one left in the building. The Air Conditioning in the building shuts off around 7, which makes everything eerily quiet. I had my office door closed, when I suddenly ear a small British girl’s voice saying, “Mommy, I think he’s in this one.” I almost made a mess in my pants as the door cracked open slightly. A little girl popped her head in and says “nope, wrong one. Sorry!” … turns out her stepfather was still in the building. (Reddit user: MotelyBru)


23) Church Music: Not really an office type job, but I work as a cleaner and I was busy cleaning a church at 2 AM and I know that for a fact I’m alone in the place. All doors outside are locked. So I was in the middle of sweeping the floors when suddenly the entire church is flooded with loud organ music. I manage to compose myself, followed the music, and found the organ in the sanctuary being played. Turns out a girl who plays the organ lived down the street and couldn’t sleep, so she came to play. She even had a key and didn’t know I was there. (Reddit user: HotAtNightim)

24) Shooter At Work: A few years ago a customer came to my work wearing a trench coat and ushanka type fur hat. It looked like he had something duct-taped to the inside of his shirt but I wasn’t sure. He left the store, and I messaged my wife how creepy it was. A few minutes later he returned and started going off on me about Obama being his personal antichrist. Apparently a few hours later, he went to shoot up the planned parenthood meeting and killed 3 people. It was awful. (Reddit user: Yizzar1234)

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