This Drink Destroys Your Child’s Teeth and Causes Liver Damage. Do you give it to your kids?

6 Shocking Reasons To Never Give Your Child Chocolate Milk

The U.S. dairy industry invests millions trying to convince parents that chocolate milk is a necessary part of a child’s diet. In fact, flavored-milk sales amount to around $2.5 billion annually. However, the truth is non-organic, processed chocolate milk comes from cows that have been treated with growth hormones. Around eighty-five percent of nonorganic milk contains rGBH, which is a genetically modified synthetic growth hormone  used to increase a cow’s milk production. Additionally, most chocolate milk  contains low and non-fat milk, which has been found to inhibit the absorption of nutrients.  

While the dairy industry tries hard to make it seem that chocolate milk is a healthy choice, it is actually very harmful to your child and you. 

6 Shocking Reasons To Never Give Your Child Chocolate Milk 

Contains Casein

The milk protein, casein, can irritate the immune system and stimulate mucus production, worsening allergy symptoms. This is why milk consumption is associated with recurrent childhood ear infections, eczema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and sinus conditions. Even those who are not allergic to milk and are spared digestive problems may find that symptoms related to these conditions improve when they eliminate milk and milk products.

Loaded with Sugar

Chocolate milk is loaded with sugar. One small carton of chocolate milk contains 30 grams of sugar. That is more than a can of soda. Sugar is extremely toxic and can cause heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer.  Sugar causes insulin resistance, which leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  Scientists believe that having constantly elevated insulin levels  can contribute to cancer. Additionally, sugar increases the concentration of bile acids in stool and bacterial enzymes in the colon, which can modify bile to produce cancer-causing compounds and colon cancer. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup has been found both to cause liver damage and to promote obesity. HFCS is also linked to destroying the brain , and oftentimes contains low levels of brain-destroying mercury. 


Many scientific, peer-reviewed studies found that  food-grade carrageenan can cause  gastrointestinal inflammation, ulcerations, lesions and even colon cancer in laboratory animals. Additionally, recent studies funded by the American Diabetes Association have linked the consumption of food-grade carrageenan to insulin resistance and glucose intolerance in mice. 

Artificial Flavor

Artificial flavors are made from hundreds of chemicals. Some artificial flavors use ingredients from petroleum.  They can contain substances such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein or monosodium glutamate which you will not find on packages.  Unfortunately, food manufacturers do not have to disclose the actual flavoring ingredients.

Does NOT Build Strong Bones BUT Depletes Calcium 

Did you know that the calcium in cows milk is hardly absorbable by people and, and in fact, depletes calcium supplies in the bones.  Amy Lanou Ph.D., nutrition director for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C., states that:
“The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost nonexistent.”