What happens to humans after death?

A near-death experience (NDE), is a strange phenomenon that has been perplexing spiritualists and medical experts alike since the day humans started learning about death. While spiritualists consider NDE as a proof of life after death, medical experts claim that death is the end of everything, and they assure that weird experiences during life-threatening events are the result of the human brain’s survival technique.

Now, a Chinese man named Chenguan has shared his incredible moments during a near-death experience on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. Chenguan became the victim of NDE due to allergy complications, and he claims that the moments of dying were undoubtedly delightful.

Chenguan also added that he heard delightful music and started ascending above the skies during the near-death experience. However, Chenguan was apparently compelled to return to the material world as his time was not up in the book of God.

“Melodic music emerged from afar to nearby me, which it was the most delightful music that I ever heard. I listened to it carefully and would like to sing along with it. Nevertheless, the whole piece had not finished yet, instantly the chair below me went missing. I began to fall down, and I screamed out loud, “I don’t want to go back! I don’t want to go back! I don’t want to go back.” But it was completely futile. The descending speed was the same as when I was ascended where I went through multi-layer clouds, where every cubicle was thousands of miles in size,” wrote Chenguan on the NDERF website, as translated to English by Jenny.

As the testimonial shared by Chenguan went viral online, spiritualists have started arguing that afterlife is real, and it is something out of science’s reach. Spiritualists believe that humans start their eternal journey after the last breath, and the quality of this afterlife trip will be determined by the deeds performed by humans during their moments on the earth.

Websites like NDERF (Near Death Experience Foundation) are loaded with near-death experience testimonials and one such testimonial from a woman named Sarah has now gone viral on the internet.

In her testimonial, Sarah reveals that she had an NDE following complications of anesthesia during surgery. During the initial moments of dying, Sarah apparently saw a navy-colored tunnel and a light above her head. The NDE victim claimed that she felt an intense rain of love during these moments.

“I felt an intense feeling of love washed over me. There were no thoughts. There was nothing but love that I felt, saw, and that permeated everywhere. The best way to describe it is to say that love encompassed everything and every bit of me,” wrote Sarah on the NDERF website.

Sarah also added that she saw Jesus, her deceased son and grandfather during the near-death experience. As per Sarah, she was sent back to the earth by Jesus Christ, as her time was not up.

“I saw my baby boy who died 14 years ago when he was 48 days old. He had the small feet and was maybe 6 years old, had blonde hair in a bowl -ut, bright and shining blue eyes, and had the biggest smile on his face. Holding his hand, was my grandpa, who passed 3 days after my 9th birthday. My grandpa was 66 when he passed, but he looked like he was maybe 30 years old in this experience,” added Sarah.

A New Zealand woman named Katrina has now shared her near-death experience (NDE) where she apparently saw a being whom she believes is an angel.

Katrina made these revelations on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). As per Katrina, she died for some moments after attempting suicide following episodes of depression. The NDE victim revealed that her body started floating in a dark place soon after the last breath, and she claimed that someone literally cut her soul’s cord connection to the body.

“My spirit body was floating in the darkness and it was a lonely place. It felt like someone came up behind me with scissors and cut the cord connected to my body. I knew I was dead and couldn’t go back. My thoughts were very fast, like lightning, and my mind was so clear and sharp. My senses were all heightened and my emotions felt more intense,” wrote Katrina in her NDE testimonial.

Katrina also added that she saw a bright being during the near-death experience episode. She revealed that this being was pure white, and it was almost 8 to 9 feet tall.

“I tried to fly or direct my floating towards the light, but my progress wasn’t very good. The light came to me in a zigzag, erratic pattern and at great speed. It was at that moment that I realized the light was a Being. The Being of light was pure white and about 8 to 9 feet tall. I had a peaceful, loving feeling being in this Being’s beautiful presence. I believe that Being was an angel. However, I felt like the Being was waiting for something,” added Katrina.

The New Zealand woman claimed that she is now living as God has given her a second chance. She also made it clear that she felt pure bliss after the death, and all she experienced was intense euphoria.

Katrina’s testimonial has now gone viral on the internet, and many religious believers claim that life after death is a reality. As per these people, the afterlife is real, and humans used to live in the form of souls even after death.

Bernard shared his near-death experience after a heart attack. As per Bernard, everything around him became completely dark after the heart attack, and later, he woke up in an area which is very similar to space.

Soon, two powerful beams of lights accompanied Bernard, and he believes that these light sources were actually angels.

“Two angels appeared one on either side of the light. They appeared to be just like the light, only they were in human form. They didn’t have wings or anything like that. They were just beings that were made of the light. The light and the angels were so bright that it should have blinded me, but it did not hurt to look at them. Nor did I want to look away. It was the most beautiful, glorious sight I have ever seen. No words can accurately describe the beauty it held,” wrote Bernard on his near-death experience testimonial.

He also revealed that one of the angels he saw seems very similar to his grandmother.

“One of the angels looked very similar to my grandmother who passed away but with a younger and more vibrant appearance. This angel that appeared to be my grandmother, motioned to me to come to her. I began to rapidly accelerate towards the angels and the light. It was pure bliss. Then all of a sudden I regained consciousness. Being back in my body felt painful, disgusting and awkward. I just wanted to go back to where I was before. I begged for God to just take me back. I did not want to be alive on earth anymore,” added Bernard.

The testimonial shared by Bernard has now gone viral on online space, and many people consider it an authentic proof of life after death.