Cute Things Every Girl Does In A Relationship… Illustrated!

Your boyfriend is super sweet and we don’t need to remind you that. You already have enough reasons to adore him, don’t you?! So we are just sharing these cute relationship illustrations and these will make you miss him right away. Almost every girlfriend is guilty of doing these crazy yet delightful things in a relationship. You just love to stay around him all the time and why shouldn’t you? He’s yours, all yours! So, scroll down and love him a little more.


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1. When you took FLAMES to know what your future will be with your guy!


2. When he feels sleepy and you love annoying him!


3. When he’s peeing and you still can’t stop talking from outside the loo!


4. When he *finally* has time to talk…


5. Hahaha! So true…


6. When you kinda keep scores with him!


7. Because there’s always some room for more…


All Image: Doodleodrama on Instagram

These are SO relatable!