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Scientists Develop Technique Of ‘Uploading Knowledge To Your Brain’


Scientists develop Matrix-style technique of ‘uploading knowledge to your brain’ Scientists have developed a way of uploading information to one’s brain that almost imitates the methods used in The Matrix, similar to Keanu Reeves’ character Neo in The Matrix trilogy. The character Neo had a range of kung-fu skills ‘uploaded’ directly into his brain in […]

Is This a Murder or Suicide?

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Our Logic says that usually people hold objects with their primary hand, so holding gun in one and holding cigarette in other hand seems unusual. Then the blood spot on wall also indicate that there are more chances of murder than suicide. What do you think? Give some logics also to support your answer. Lets […]

Scientists Find “Evidence” Of A Multidimensional Universe INSIDE Our Brain


An exciting finding has been made by scientists as they have discovered that the human brain contains structures and shapes that may have up to eleven dimensions.    Neuroscientists welcome the findings stating: “We have found a world that we had never imagined before.”   With the help of Mathematical methods of algebraic topology, scientists have fond structures […]

Using Sex Toys To Tease Out Turtle Boners, For Science!!!


In the pursuit of science and knowledge, biologists are using sex toys to tease out turtle boners. Most turtle species are fairly easy to identify the sex of, usually through sexual dimorphic features like a different shell shape or coloring. However, for the ones that are a little trickier to discern, biologists Donald McKnight, a […]

Scientists Accelerate Backward Time Travel Under Laboratory Conditions for First Time


In a first of its kind experiment, physicists from Washington State University have created the only known matter in the world with “negative mass.” Unlike every other physical object in the world we are familiar with, this mass accelerates backward under pressure. This phenomenon, known as the intuitive side of Newton’s Second Law of Motion (force is equal to the mass of […]

Scientists Store Nuclear Waste In Diamonds And Turn Them Into Batteries Lasting 50 Centuries


Since the first generation of Magnox nuclear reactors in the UK produced during the 1950’s and up until the 1970’s were put into use, scientists have used graphite blocks to support the nuclear reactions.  These graphite blocks have sustained so much radiation that they, themselves, have become radioactive and produce a radioactive isotope called carbon-14. Until now, we haven’t […]

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