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The secret formula for never having cancer and the best cure


Healthy living can prevent the causes of cancer. More than four types of cancers could be avoided simply by bringing some changes in the people’s lifestyle, according to a recently published research report of Cancer Research UK. The report claims that healthier living could have prevented almost 600,000 cancer cases in the UK in the […]

The Root Cause of Cancer


Oxygen Deficiency is said to be the main cause of Cancer. Cancer and other diseases cannot survive in an alkaline body and need a low oxygen environment to stay alive. Mostly, a terminal cancer patient’s body is 1000 times acidic than normal! Dr. Otto Warburg, who received Nobel Prize in 1931- for discovery stating- unlike […]



This easy to make miracle drink is a sure shot cancer killer! Mr. Seto a celebrity was suffering from lung cancer and was recommended to take this miracle drink by a well known Herbalist from China. After taking the drink everyday for next 3 months, his health got restored and normal! This drink protects the […]

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