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Artist Creates Life-Size Sculptures Of Women Inspired By Renaissance Art, Reveals The Beauty Of Female Form


Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates life-size bronze sculptures of women inspired by Renaissance and Baroque sculpting techniques. Her figures are usually captured in motion, often with their dresses or garments seemingly fluttering in the breeze around them, and the artist’s painstaking attention to detail ensures that every crease and fold is precisely where it […]

What Happens To Your Hotel Soap After You Check Out


Have you ever wondered what happens to the half-used (or once-used) bar of hotel soap you leave in your room? Maybe not, but it’s something to think about. Between travelers and hotels, about a million bars of soap a day are thrown out in the United States. That number increases to about 5 million bars […]

Groom Jumps Into A River To Save A Drowning Boy

A special shout out to last night's groom Clayton! While I was taking solo pictures of the bride this little guy was pushed into the river behind me by another child. By the time the bride noticed and shouted out, Clayton had already jumped down and brought him to safety. His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim. Well done sir! — with Ellen DeGeneres.

It’s a WET wedding! Hero groom jumps into a river during photoshoot with the bride to save drowning boy Clayton and Brittany Cook were having their photographs taken on park bridge Mr Cook saw the boy was in trouble so leapt in to grab him and pull him to bank The photographs of Mr Cook […]

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