This Miss World From India Is Not Only Beautiful, She Has Got The World’s Best Muscles Too

Meet India’s First Bodybuilding World Champ!

Today, let’s perceive this term altogether differently. Let’s take it literally. What if women loved bodybuilding, just the way they love dieting? What if women were strongly built? Would you dare tease and flirt with them? The answer is obvious.

But even then if you dared, they would have made a raita out of you 🙂

Meet India’s first international bodybuilding champion, the 21-year old Bhumika Sharma, who hails from Dehradun, Uttrakhand. She has won the prestigious Miss World Bodybuilding title in Venice (Italy) ahead of a total 50 bodybuilders from around the world. She won the maximum points in three categories, i.e., individual posing, body posing and fall.

And she is the first Indian woman to do so!

That’s a matter of extreme pride for all of us. She might inspire many women to take up bodybuilding, just like Phogat sisters inspired wrestling. Bhumika has broken a stereotype; women can also try to have muscled and toned bodies.

She has created a new path.

When the whole country is obsessed with model-turned-actresses who have won beauty pageants, Bhumika has broken the glass-ceiling to bag the Miss World Bodybuilding Championship. She has given altogether a different definition to the word ‘strong’ by looking beyond just the idea of inner strength and giving a new concept that outer strength matters as much.

Bhumika said to India Today that initially, people would make fun of her for taking up this male dominated sport. But within some time, she came up with flawless muscles, and people stopped making fun of her.

According to Hindustan Times, Bhumika’s rigorous training runs for seven hours a day. Her diet is looked after by her mother, who makes sure that she gets the best diet suitable for a body builder. Her mother is also a Dronacharya Award recipient from the Uttarakhand government for her contribution to the weightlifting.

Bhumika in Venice, Italy during the competition.


The championship comprised 50 contestants from around the world and Sharma was one of the 27 Indians to rock the tournament.

How she turned out to be a bodybuilder.

The story behind Bhumika taking up bodybuilding is unique and interesting. Bhumika’s mother, Hansa Sharma, who is also the coach of Indian Weightlifting Team, wanted her to take up shooting. Her father, who is a businessman, also supported the same. However, one chance meeting with a bodybuilding coach, Bhupendra Sharma, changed the course of her life forever.

The coach convinced her to take bodybuilding, and the rest is history.

Isn’t she beautiful too?

Interestingly, Bhumika has also won a gold in Taekwondo at a national level championship. She developed an early interest in sports.

The initial days.

Initially, her parents were sceptical of her choice of career with women’s bodybuilding being an obscure sport not just in India but around the world as compared to the men’s tournaments. But she eventually won them over and soon; she went on to win state and national honours before winning the Miss Word title.

Well, if you thought Bhumika is the only female who has done India proud with her bodybuilding ability, you’re wrong. These women have also taken the tougher route and flexed their muscles.

– Sarita Devi, who won the bronze medal in the world bodybuilding championship in 2015.

– Ashwini Waskar became India’s first competitive bodybuilder at the age of 32.

– Rebita Devi from Manipur is a national champion.

– Deepika Chowdhury, who won the Overall Figure title at the 2015 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitan Championship 2015.

Her future plans?

She now has her sights on the Miss Universe title for bodybuilding and is the only woman bodybuilder from Uttarakhand to have made it to the national/international arena.

More Bhumikas in the future?

“I am preparing hard for Miss Universe Championship to be held in December this year” she told Hindustan Times.

Her hard work and dedication were fruitfully awarded finally but we want more.

More Bhumikas are awaited.

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