Cat Walks Through Flames 5 times to save her Kittens from Fire.

Cat Walks Through Flames to save her Kittens

Scarlett, the cat became famous in 1996, after she walked through
flames to save her Five Kittens from a burning building.

Her ordeal started when a fire engulfed the building where she and her kittens were living. When the NYC Fire Department reached there to control the fire, they noticed a cat carrying her kittens 1 by 1 out of the fire building.

When they look closer, they noticed that her paws were burred, eyes were blistered shut and fur was badly burned. Not only this but all of the fur on her face was missing. Evidently 5 trips across the fire to save her kittens had left her badly burned. After that she touched each of her kittens with her nose and made sure that they are totally safe, and then she fell unconscious and collapsed.

The fire fighter who noticed this cat, took her to the animal rescue shelter. It took 3 months of treatment and intensive care for Scarlett and her kittens to recover completely.

Later on Scarlett was adopted by a kind lady, who herself had suffered from a tragic incident and had pledged to adopt an animal in special need.

A Beautiful ending to a real story of a mother’s selfless love.