Everyone knows about the twin towers collapse, but how many people still don’t know that a third tower fell that day in FREE FALL speed, and NO PLANE even hit it!


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The collapse of Building 7 still remains one of the most controversial topics from 9/11. Not just because it literally came down at free fall speed, not just because no plane ever even hit it, but because the lease owner, Larry Silverstein, took out a massive insurance policy just a few months prior that conveniently covered a “terrorist attack”.

We can put this on the shelf for just a moment though, and check out this very rare 9/11 WTC attack footage that will give you chills. The event is so dramatic and the impact is so loud that its unreal to watch! Almost like a movie.

Below you can listen to testimony from first responders explaining multiple explosions which suggests there was a controlled demolition;

As incredible and disturbing as this is, we should remind ourselves that this is the day to day reality of many people living in countries such as Syria and Iraq, among others. And most of them are living in these horrific conditions due to America’s “war on terrorism”.