Which Haircut Best Fits Your Face?

If you want to choose the perfect haircut for you it is necessary first and primary to see your face shape.

Here are some photos with a few tips on which hairstyle would best suit your face:



  • Straight hair, round face

The shoulder length haircut is perfect for you. It will visually elongate your face and the thick fringe bangs will highlight your cheekbones.

  • Straight hair, square face

Again, shoulder length haircut is also perfect if you have square face. You should definitely go for for soft and layered haircut that will hide your accentuated jaw line. With the intention to visually minimize the effect of your big forehead, simply place the bangs from one side to the other, as presented in the picture.

  • Straight hair, heart-shaped face

If you have heartshaped face, the popular pixie haircut is ideal for you, because in that way you’ll accentuate your eyes and cheekbones. Another haircut you can try is the multi-layered bob.

  • Straight hair, oval face

The layers that go below the eyes will only make your face look chubbier. Women with oval face should avoid straight and long, boring hair.

  • Wavy or curly face, round face

The shoulder length or longer haircut is perfect, but it should be layered so that you get that pyramid shape, which will contrast the round face. In this way the structure of bones will be accentuated.

  • Wavy or curly hair, square face

The shoulder length haircut is the best for this type of face, which is pretty much the same as layered haircuts. It is also recommended to have a few short curls falling through your forehead.

  • Wavy or curly hair, heart-shaped face

In order to even up the hair length with the lock of hair due to the big forehead, it is very important for the haircut to be layered.

  • Wavy or curly hair, oval face

If you have oval face, the layered haircut will accentuate your cheekbones.