15 Harsh Laws That All North Koreans Have To Follow

North Korea has strictest of the laws.

Your Haircut Must Be Government Approved


There are about 28 hairstyles approved by the government, 10 for men and 18 for women and you cannot have anything else other than these unless you want a trial against you.

There are only three channels on TV and you have to watch only those.


And the worst part? Everything that is shown on these three channels is closely monitored by the government.

The Government Decides Who Live In The Capital


It is the government which decides who will live in the capital. They are generally the loyal and most successful people.

Dictatorial regime


People in North Korea live under a dictatorial regime which controls the religions citizens can believe in. If you get caught carrying the holy bible on you, then jail is probably your next destination.

The three generations of punishment


In North Korea, if you commit a crime, the three generations of your family will go to the prison. Such a law is made for people to not go down that road.

You Have to Vote


Voting is compulsory, it is illegal not to vote. And generally, all the people vote only for one leader.

Only male government officials can drive


Due to severe restrictions posed by government, only one in hundred people have a car in this country.

Falling asleep in a meeting


It is considered a sign of disrespect so much so that the North Korean defense minister was executed with an anti-aircraft gun for having fallen asleep during one of Kim Jong-un’s events.

Cult to the head of state


North Koreans always have to prefix their leaders name with an adjective that exalts him, such as ‘dear Kim’ or ‘supreme Kim’



They hold elections for people to chose who will rule over them and generally, there is only one candidate and even if there is another, it is an actor hired by Kim Jong-un to deliberately lose.


Human waste


North Korea needed the fertilizer to make its farmland produce enough food for the population of 25 million. To correct this deficiency, North Korea turned to human-waste. Each factory in North Korea is mandated to supply farmers with as much human waste as they need.

International telephone call


You cannot make International calls without authorities’ permission.

Blue jeans


Anything and everything coming from the West is illegal in North Korea and since blue jeans are a part of western culture, it is illegal to wear blue jeans in North Korea.

The country has its own basketball rules


Since the game originated from the United States and North Korea does not have a good rapport with them, they changed the rules of the game.

State-made operating system.


The computers run on the state-made operating system, there is no MAC, Windows and other operating systems in North Korea.