Army Corps of Engineers Confirms Native Protesters Are Right – There Is No Written Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline


In the wake of hundreds of people protesting a couple weeks ago, Energy transfer Partners, the company attempting to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline, voluntarily stopped work at the building site just North of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

The number of protesters is now over 4000 as many tribes have united to protect the land and water from contamination.

KFYRTV  reports, “The Army Corps of Engineers has confirmed that the company doesn’t have a written easement from the agency to build on Corps property. A corps spokesperson says that Energy transfer has filed the paperwork for the easement but it’s still under review.”

“That’s true they don’t have the easement that’s required to install the segment that’s across the Oahe project,” said Larry Janis, Army Corps Of Engineers.

Janis says there is no timetable on when the easement will be granted, but the agency has issued a permission that allows the easement to be written.

Not only is there no written easement for the company to do the proposed work, but also there is a  court case awaiting judgement to try to stop the construction that violates Native American treaties.

Unfortunately the U.S. government has a long history of ignoring these treaties.

At least mainstream media is finally unable to ignore the protesters that are fighting to protect the water and land for millions of Americans.