10 Things We All Should Learn From Magical Madiba- Nelson Mandela

1. Have faith in justice.

Nelson Mandela – the Magical Madiba, was born on 18th July 1918. The whole world knows Mandela as the epitome of love and for the spirit of never giving up.

People like Mandela are rarely born on earth. There is so much to learn for all from the way he lived his life.
Here are the few most important messages from the life of Nelson Mandela. Have a look at them!

1. Have faith in justice.

Sometimes justice can take years; sometimes it can be decades, but Justice will prevail at the end, one must keep his faith alive. Faith is the necessary entity for the survival of any kind of life. Nelson Mandela Spent 27 years of his life in prison, those years made him stronger because he had faith in Justice, in those years Nelson Mandela thought how to create things for South Africa with peace, harmony and reconciliation.

2. Be humble!

One must always be humble, either he is happy or sad, either he gets a lot of success in his life, or he has got very rich, one must be humble. I remember one incident from Mandela’s life; he attended Oprah Winfrey’s show. He asked what topic would be the show, and he was told: “On Nelson Mandela.”

3. Equality for all.

The world should not be divided into caste, creed, religion and sex. We need a democratic, non-sexist and non-racial society which gives and gets respect. No one should be treated unequally. Nelson Mandela when in prison demanded respect from the person who kept him in prison. If we are morally right, it’s our right to ask for respect and we should equally retrospect if someone is kind to us.

4. Never ever give up.

One must never give up, always strive to get his life better than his past; the present should be better than the past and the future should be better than the present. The struggle is a part of life, and one must never show back to his troubles and instead fight them.

5. Failure is stepping stone for success.

We must never feel ashamed to admit our failure. We must not judge others by their failures, but should note how they cope up with their life after failing. Failing is not shameful, keep failing again and again is. His true essence of value continues if one person always strives for success.

6. Accommodate.

Accommodate everyone around, realise that working in unity is the real core of happiness. Adjust for others, sacrifice your little happiness if someone is getting inspired by it. Show hatred to none, give love to all, welcome everyone in your life warmly, even if the person has done something wrong to you, forgive him and don’t let him affect your life. Always remember our well-being is tied to well-being of others.

7. Always smile!

Even if you’re surrounded by any problems like family problems, financial problems, the official problem always keeps smiling. It’s much easier to fight problems than to get angry and get more miserable.

8. Education!

Basic education should be necessary for everyone. Education opens the way of thinking of society and makes us civil. Always make sure this fundamental right is given to every kid for his proper mental growth.

9. Spread love!

This looks very easy but in reality, this is the most difficult thing to learn and to implement in our life. If a person knows how to hate, he can love more quickly, as love comes to us naturally.

10. Work hard!

Work hard from what you worked yesterday, work harder for the better life, work harder to develop your nation, work harder for your future generations. As he quoted “It’s futile to think about what happened in past, what is going on now and how can we make the best of your future.