Antarctica, Is Not What We’re Being Told [Watch Videos]



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Russia has an ancient super predator that they’re intending to weaponize.

  1. There are freshwater, unfrozen lakes underneath the ice caps of Antarctica.
  2. In those freshwater lakes, Russian scientists found a a super predator from millions of years ago, named Organism 46b.
  3. Organism 46b is related to the octopus we’re all familiar with today – except for several vital differences that make it a super predator.
  4. Instead of eight arms, Organism 46b has 14 arms.
  5. Organism 46b holds venom in its ink sac that can paralyze from up to 150 feet away.
  6. Organism 46b can not only mimic other creatures, but can even mimic the shape of humans, making its camouflage greater than any other creature.
  7. Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian government now are in possession of the prehistoric beast, and are trying to weaponize it’s venom.

There is a mounting surge of evidence suggesting Antarctica was covered in lush rainforest on prehistoric times, before the continent shifted south towards the pole. This could suggest that some ecosystems that once inhabited then land, may be trapped under the ice, thriving, and unknown to humans.

So the question is, if there are these untouched eco-systems beneath the ice, should we be disturbing them?

Here’s the videos, give them a watch a tell us what you think: