6 Warning Signs Of An Impending Heart Attack That Occur Only In Women



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In today’s world, it is mainly heart attacks which claim the lives of people globally. In the US alone, Heart disease is the prime cause of death amongst women where 1 woman is killed by stroke or heart attack every 80 seconds. An estimated 44 million women suffer from cardiovascular disease in the US which is why this condition should never be taken lightly.

Awareness especially can do much to prevent a heart attack or at least ensure you are in a condition to receive immediate life support and medical help in the event of getting one. The symptoms of an impending heart attack in women differ from that of men. As such here are 6 impending heart attack symptoms all women should acquaint themselves with to manage or prevent a heart attack as much as possible.

1. Pain In the Neck, Back, Jaw and Arms

Some of these signs may confuse you as you may have been taught that heart attack isn’t usually associated with a pain in the jaw. Heart Attack was usually associated with pain in the chest or the left arm. The pain can wake you at bight and be progressive, acute, nagging or even sudden. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, consult a doctor ASAP.

Pain In the Neck, Back, Jaw and Arms

2. Sharp stomach pain and illness

At times women can experience stomach pain with intense abdominal pressure described as if “an elephant is sitting on the stomach”. Impending heart attack symptoms have also been confused with severe heartburn and symptoms of poisoning or flu.

Stomach pain and illness

3. Cold Sweat

Among impending heart attack symptoms in women, cold sweat is a common one. It can be associated with stress but if you have never experienced such symptoms before, then consult your doctor immediately.

Cold Sweat

4. Shortness of breath and Dizziness

When you start experiencing breathing problems for no apparent reason, then it could be a prime warning signal of impending heart attack. When this appears along with another symptom then you should definitely never ignore it. There are many women who survived heart attacks reported that prior to one they felt like they had just run a marathon.

Shortness of breath and Dizziness

5. Increased Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common impending heart attack symptoms. Even after resting you still experience fatigue and lack the ability to prefer common actions then it could be a case for alarm and a warning sign to guage the condition of your heart and cardiovascular system. Such conditions when coupled with shortness of breath should never be taken lightly.

Increased Fatigue

6. Pressure and Chest pain

As impending heart attack symptoms, this last one is a universal one felt by both men and women as it is one of the most dangerous symptoms warning you that a heart attack is very highly possible. Where chest pain and women are concerned however, women usually experience pain over the entire chest area whereas men will feel it only on the left. If the pain and pressure doesn’t stop within a few minutes, call your doctor immediately.

Chest pain

None of these signs are a 100% guarantee of impending heart attack symptoms but they are indeed common signs and signals faced by women. It is the combination of heart attacks and the reporting of such symptoms prior to one which provides reasons to claim as such. A risk isn’t worth it and you should always consult your doctor in event of experiencing such impending heart attack symptoms. Always be on the safe side as prevention is better than cure. Timely action and medical attention can SAVE YOUR LIFE. Take care.