Find Out What Your Birth Month Butterfly Reveals About You

Butterflies symbolize love, happiness and transformation. They are also powerful symbols of life and each month has a different butterfly which represents specific characteristics. Read more to discover the meaning of your birth butterfly and your personality traits according to it.



You are an excellent listener and a very attentive person which are characteristics that attract lots of friends. People come to you for advice very often. Your positive attitude towards life is why many people admire you. You bring joy into any room you walk into. You have strong charisma which makes people attracted to you subconsciously.


You have a vibrant, captivating and confident personality which makes you a great leader. However, you can also be invisible if you want to. Your magnetism is charming and people are fascinated by it.


You are very persistent and you never give up. No matter how hard the situation is you always give your best. You are determined in life and like keeping a steady pace. You find something good in everything and you have a strong intuition.


Small things mean a lot to you because you are very emotional. People love you for your caring and sensitive side. You want to make the world a better place with your peaceful nature and positivity. You avoid getting involved into conflicts.


People love you because you are always yourself. You seem unapproachable at first, but once people get to know you they discover that you will go do anything for the people you love.  Your friends and family mean a lot to you.


Your personality is peaceful and you always avoid conflicts. Your love and warmth make the world a better place and you always stand out from the crowd. Your personality is wonderful and you make an excellent partner.


You are very courageous and brave with a strong personality. However, you also have a hidden sensitive side which you only share to people close to you. You respect everyone equally and stand up to injustice


You are always honest and you practice what you preach. You also have no trouble admitting your mistakes and you love being the center of attention.


Your vivid imagination and inquisitive nature make you question everything. You always know how to get out of trouble and people admire you for this. You make a great leader.


You have a strong attitude and excellent problem solving skills. You are a great listener and always prepared to listen to other people’s problems. Your nature is kind, thoughtful and helpful.


Your mind is very expressive and full of new ideas. You observe your surroundings and gather ideas this way. You live in your own world and you are happy that way. However, you also have a strong connection to reality.


You are ambitious and susceptible without being afraid to show your feelings. People admire you for being able to show your feelings openly and to accept and admit your mistakes. However, no matter how hard you try you are never satisfied and you always want more.