Farmer Finds Rat With Plant Growing Out Of Its Back

A farmer found something he most likely wasn’t expecting when he inspected his soya crops recently – a live rat with a plant growing out of its back.

Datar Singh planted his soya bean crop in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, India, earlier this year.

It was there that he came across the poor rat which, somehow, had ended up with a soya bean sapling growing right out of its body.

Watch the shocking video here

Datar’s neighbours filmed the rodent, which was said to be in ‘immense pain’. The creature seemed to struggle to move with the growth, and it appeared to not even try to escape when the people on the scene inspected it.

Those in the video can be heard talking, probably expressing their shock and confusion at what they were seeing.

The people tried to turn the rat over by its tail to get a good look, but there was no obvious explanation for the plant which had taken hold.

Datar considered that the rodent might somehow be a prank. I have to admit, it did look a little like something that might come out of the polluted lake in The Simpsons.

However, the farmer ruled out the possibility of practical jokes, and it has been suggested that a soya bean seed must have fallen into an open wound on the rat’s back.

Presumably, the plant must then have germinated and begun to grow.

Professor A Siddiqui, head of the department of biology at a college in nearby Barnagar, spoke about the disturbing incident, revealing that the plant could have caused the little rat to suffer much worse consequences.

He said: It’s a miracle.

Though the plant had grown in the region near the neck, there was no brain damage.

After the video was taken, the farmer took the rat to his home and managed to remove the plant from its back. Hopefully the poor creature will heal soon, and I’m sure it will be keeping far away from any seeds in the future.