Month: September 2019

These Phrases Are Used Only By Unsuccessful People


You want to make an idea into reality, that may not lead you to success. Whether you’re going to make it or not doesn’t only depend on your wits and good ideas. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The other 90% is your state of mind, your resolve, and your communication with others. Successful people know […]

Living Without Recognition Is A Skill


A farmer had a horse and a goat. One day, the horse became unwell, the farmer called up the veterinarian to know the cause. Vet said- “Your horse has a virus. I’ll give medicines for three days. If he doesn’t get better, we’ll put him down. A goat listened to their conversation closely and told […]

How Your Body Reacts When You Drink Coke?


There are approximately 10 teaspoons of added sugar in a single can of cola. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommend consuming no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar daily, meaning drinking just one serving of cola a day could take us well above these guidelines. The intense sweetness of Coca-Cola as a result of […]

For Better Health Avoid These Foods


Many common food items have been scientifically shown to increase cancer risk, and some of them substantially. Here are the most unhealthy, cancer-causing foods that you should never eat again in order to continue remain healthy. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) It goes without saying that GMOs have no legitimate place in any cancer-free diet, especially now […]

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