Archaeologists have discovered an ancient tablet in the biblical city of Tel Dor that has immense historical significance.


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According to Professor of Archaeology Assaf Yasur-Landau from the University of Haifa. “, the 1,800-year-old tablet was taken to the University of Haifa to be preserved properly. It was found off the coast of Israel, where the tablet brings important insight to one of the bloodiest periods in ancient Jewish history.

A 1,800-Year-Old Tablet Was Discovered At The Bottom Of The Sea, And It May Prove That Jesus Doubters Were Wrong!

The stone table contains information from the time of the Biblical New Testament, including the ruler’s name during Jesus’ time.

The tablet also validated some information contained in the Holy Bible. Researchers have decoded and translated some parts of it, including the name of the Roman governor who ruled Judea. He was Gargilius Antiquus and it is the only tablet with the second Roman inscription that uses the name “Judea.” The tablet was dated to have come from the 2nd century AD.

Cross-referenced with historical data, the tablet coincided with the Bar Kokhba revolt where more than half a million Jewish were killed in their rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Roman Emperor Hadriana ordered to wiped out the name of Judea from the official records because the Romans wanted to eliminate the Jews from recorded history, renaming Judea to Syria-Palestinea. This made the tablet’s discovery a really huge.

“What we have here is an inscription dated to just before Judea ceased to exist as a province under that name,” the researchers claimed.

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