What could ever go wrong in a sorority, right? Those girls are always on their best behavior. Well, if you’ve ever watched Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit, then you know that sororities are all about parties, drama, and bad behavior. Some of the behavior can often be illegal if not just emotionally scarring. It’s not for the faint at heart, and many girls have regretted becoming a part of sororities for that reason alone. They don’t want to be portrayed that way. After all, they need to keep a certain appearance up so that they don’t get in trouble with the Dean of their University. They can be kicked out of school if their behavior goes too far. We’ve all watched plenty of movies to know what really goes on behind the scenes of a sorority house. Usually, it’s the hazing that’s in the news, but we have something a little more juicy in mind for you. These aren’t your average stories; they’re so much more.


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Sorority sisters all over the world are spilling about their experiences in a sorority house, and they aren’t holding anything back. If you’re looking for a scandalous story, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a sorority house, then you’re about to find out. Read on to find scandalous and shocking confessions that are sure to have you shaking your head.

15 Sorority Sisters Taking a Pledge From Dad

There are certain people whom you just shouldn’t sleep with, and a sorority sister’s dad is one of them. This sorority sister, however, never got that message and went for daddy when he came into town to visit his daughter. We’re not sure how these situations even start, but when a sorority sister is randy, she’s going to go after what she wants. “I slept with my sorority sister’s dad when he came into town” (Whisper). Did they do it when the sister, thinking her dad was safe from the other girls in the house, went to bed? Hopefully, she never found out because that would make living together very awkward indeed. Ladies, we shouldn’t have to tell you to stay away from our fathers; it should just be assumed. It’s pretty gross for a man to sleep with a girl who’s the same age as his daughter.

14 Lesbian Sister Uses Them As Eye Candy

This sorority sister got into the organization just for a little eye candy. It’s probably best to be honest about who you are. Otherwise, it’s just shifty and a little creepy, especially since the sisters probably run around in towels and booty shorts because there are no guys around. “None of my sorority sisters know I’m a lesbian. Theta meetings are like a display of eye candy for me every week” (The Things). That’s really no different than a man going in and ogling women. Lesbians may think that it’s different because they’re women, but being a perv is being a perv, whether you’re a man or a woman. If the sisters found out, they probably would be disturbed by it. Had they known, they still might have invited her in, but at least they would then be aware of whom they’re dealing with.

13 Boyfriend Doesn’t Know That She Makes Out With her Sisters

You know there are probably a lot of guys out there that wouldn’t mind that much. But this girl clearly has come worries, so maybe, she should just tell her boyfriend that she swings both ways. “I’ve made out with two of my sorority sisters, and no one knows. My boyfriend would be so pissed if he found out” (The Things). Things can probably get pretty experimental when you’re in a house full of girls and booze. Things are just bound to happen if you’re just a little bit uninhibited. It wouldn’t be the first time that a girl experimented in college; it happens all the time. It’s a means of women trying to discover their own sexuality and who they are. In this case, however, the girl’s cheating on her boyfriend. She should just break up with him, and then, she’ll be free to do whatever she wants.

12 Stripping for Sorority Dues

We would really love to know how expensive these sorority dues are that they could cause someone to start stripping. Don’t these sororities know that these are college students and that they typically don’t have a lot of money? It’s bizarre that the dues would be so high. This sorority sister had to do whatever she could to get her dues paid. We think she may have gone a little too far in this case. “I graduate in the fall, and no one knows that for the past 4 years, I was a stripper to pay my sorority dues” (Whisper). It’s a good thing that she was able to keep her secret, as something like that would probably not go over so well in a sorority, especially an Ivy League one. These sororities should consider lowering their dues so that students can afford them.

11 A Sister So Sad that She Wants to Die

No one ever said that being a part of a sorority would always be fun, but many girls get fooled by the allure. They want to be accepted, meet boys, and go to parties, but usually, they end up with eating disorders and a sense of self-loathing. Hazing can be a terrible ritual in a sorority house because it usually hits home, where it hurts the most. This sorority sister is one that started to hate herself so much she wanted to die. “My sorority has done nothing but make me feel hated and alone” (The Things). Those are some pretty strong words for an organization that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re in one big happy family. We would hate to see what they’re like once they all get out into the real world. Do those backstabbing tendencies just go away?

10 An Offer to Have Her Feet Licked

What would you do to get your sorority dues paid? Would you let some strange guy lick your feet? Say what you want about fetishes, but that’s just plain nasty. “Older guy in my class low-key offered to pay my sorority dues if I let him lick my feet twice a week. Never thought I’d do something like that, but it is so worth it” (The Things). Really?! There’s just something about that mental image that makes us shudder right down to our toes. We can’t imagine what he gets out of such a weird thing, but we’re guessing, one day, she’s going to regret the choices in her life. How great are these dues that these girls have to go to extreme measures to pay them? We cringe just thinking about it. What would this girl’s parents think if they knew she was doing these kinds of things? Get some class, girls.

9 A Girl Desperate to Be Hazed

Hazing is such a horrendous and sometimes terrifying part of being in a sorority that it amazes us that someone would long to have it done to them. In the case of this sorority sister, she was saddened by the fact that her sisters didn’t care enough about her to haze her. She might have a few screws loose. “Sometimes, I wish my sorority hazed me so I would feel more connected to my sisters” (Whisper). What? Connected? This girl sounds completely messed up. We don’t think that hazing makes anyone feel more connected. It’s usually a humiliating experience that people dread having to go through. The girl in the photo doesn’t look like she’s having much fun. This girl may need to get her head examined before she gets involved in anything that could be dangerous.

8 Cheating With A Sorority Sister’s Boyfriend

This sorority sister broke the cardinal rule and slept with another sister’s boyfriend. The girl never found out, of course, but still… it was a terrible move. She probably thought that it wouldn’t be a big deal and that those types of relationships rarely last anyways, right? Wrong. This sorority sister wasn’t only cheating on her boyfriend but she was also hooking up with her sorority sister’s boyfriend. Can we say “trashy?” This girl has taken being trashy to a whole new level. “I used to cheat on my boyfriend with my sorority sister’s boyfriend. She later married him, and now they have three kids” (Whisper). What? Shocking. Now, every time she hangs out with the whole family, she gets to be reminded that she slept with someone’s husband. This girl is so trashy, though, that we doubt that it even bothers her. Does she have no sense of loyalty?

7 Sorority Dad Pays Her to Have S-x

This is gross and wrong on so many levels. What is this dad thinking? Not only is he sleeping with someone who’s the same age as his daughter, but he’s also paying her for the sex as well. Great parenting there, big guy! This sorority sister is taking money for sex acts, and she doesn’t seem the least bit worried about it. “I’m sleeping with my sorority sister’s dad. He’s a Dilf and also slips me money from time to time. No one knows” (The Things). Well, thank God for that. We would hope no one knew, especially her sorority sister. The dad is a disgusting douchebag for taking part in the act, but we can only hope that he’s not married on top of all the other terrible things he seems to be doing. It must be awkward when daddy comes to visit but wants to spend more time with your roommate.

6 She’s a Freestyle Rapper on the Side

This girl may be the coolest chick out there, but we can see why she’s hiding her skills. Not everyone is going to understand a sorority sister who likes to rap, no matter how cool it is. Sororities are notorious for being conservative and snobby to the outside world. They would probably frown upon a sister being a freestyle rapper on the streets. It’s even worse if she’s the President of the sorority. They usually expect even more from the President. We still think it’s pretty cool, though. “I’m the President of my sorority. None of my sisters know I practice freestyle rapping in private” (Whisper). It’s too bad that she can’t be herself and still be part of the sorority, but there’s obviously a reason why she’s keeping it all a secret. Things obviously need to change in these sororities.

5 Being Labelled a Cow

We can’t really say that we’re surprised by this. Sororities are notorious for bullying and hazing girls in situations that involve them belittling them for their weight. Hazing has included taking a marker and circling the fat on the girl’s body. It’s a terrible way of causing shame and embarrassment, and many girls have been known to commit suicide over things like this. “My sorority sisters told me I’m fat. Someone put me on a scale at my sorority. I’m recovering from an eating disorder. It was great timing” (The Things). It’s a mean thing for them to do, though we’ve all probably heard worse than this. That’s what the sad thing is. Mean girls are even worse when they’re together as a team, and that’s why sororities can be venomous environments to live in. It’s best to not get involved.

4 She’s All About Drama, Drugs, and Parties

Some girls just can’t get enough of the party scene. They thrive on it, and they don’t feel whole without it. It can be a sad way to live your life, but in the case of this sorority girl, she has no regrets about what she’s doing. “My sorority is living up to the stereotypes of drama, drugs, sh*t talking, and cliques, and I feel bad for loving it” (The Things). Sure, when you’re in college, it’s a great time to have fun and experiment, but you don’t want to allow things to get out of hand and ruin your life. Living the sorority life can be dangerous, and there are always consequences to your actions. If a sorority sister gets caught with drugs or alcohol, not only would she be charged but she’s likely to get kicked out of school as well.

3 She Would be Worthless Without It

It would be the first time we’re talking about a sorority making a girl feel worthwhile about her life, but this might be a case of a girl who’s so insecure that she needs to feel accepted in a sorority. When it comes right down to it, though, a girl should feel worthwhile on her own, not just because she’s accepted by an organization. “I joined a sorority, and I know it’s shallow to think this, but it makes me feel like I have more worth” (The Things). This girl clearly has issues with self-esteem, and we can only hope that she finds it in herself to be happy without anyone else making her feel that way. Feeling worthwhile has to happen on the inside. We would love it if more sororities got their pledges together and empowered them instead of humiliating them through hazing.

2 This Sorority Makes Her Want Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, people join a sorority because they think it’ll change their lives or help them feel better about themselves, but instead, it just makes them feel worse. “I thought joining a top tier sorority would make me feel beautiful, but instead, I just feel worse about myself. I’ve considered plastic surgery to help” (Whisper). It’s sad to hear someone say that she’d consider plastic surgery in order to fit in. She should look into some form of therapy to help her recover some self-esteem and feel better about herself. Instead of empowering women, many sororities are too busy focusing on looks and things that don’t matter. Focusing on looks is ridiculous because they’ll eventually fade, and then, what are you left with? It’s better to use the money you have to get yourself through college instead of worrying about plastic surgery that probably won’t make you feel any better anyway.

1 These Sisters Take N—s of Each Other

Girls naturally bond in a way that can be overly close, and because of that, they can end up doing some pretty insane things in the name of Girl Power. If a girl wants to send a sexy nude to her boyfriend or a guy she’s talking to, then she might ask a sorority sister to help her out. That way, it doesn’t look like a lame selfie. “Me [sic] and my sorority sisters take each other’s nudes. That’s true love” (The Things). If you say so… We’re not convinced, though. It may be a little too close for comfort for some girls. But many girls bond over these things because it’s not easy to show your body to another person. So, if you do, it must be because you trust them, and trusting another person can create a bond for life. We would recommend keeping the nudes to yourself, though. That game never ends well for anyone.
source: www.therichest.com