10 Things You Did Not Know The Actual Use For

We get by with life not understanding the usefulness of some things.It might be rudimentary to some but others do wonder about their existence.

Let’s see what those 10 things are and the reason why we often use them incorrectly…

The Loop You Find On A Shirt

We all have noticed the loop at the backside of our shirts. And did you know it is there for a purpose? Supposedly this loop can be used to hand your clothes and in some cases to fasten a tie. However one needs to be careful as doing this might wrinkle the shirt.


A cylindrical structure attached to a laptop cable

Known as the ‘Ferrite Bead’ this cylindrical structure helps in reduction of high-frequency sounds produced in electric circuits.

Little gaps in windows of a plane

This tiny holes, in fact, are present for a life-saving purpose. This prevents the breaking down of window panels by efficiently equalizing the difference of pressure between the outer and inner window panels.

The Blue shaded portion of an eraser

It is a general assumption that the blue colored part serves as an ink eraser. However, when consumers failed to comprehend its utilization, the manufacturers began to sell the blue ones as ink erasers. In reality, the blue part is used to brush away the specks left after cleaning with the pink part.

The sneakers extra eyelets

Along with providing more firmness these sneaker eyelets aid in preventing rubbing of ankles as well keeping the shoes place fixed.

A hole in a spaghetti spoon

The hole helps as a unit of measurement. It helps in measuring a specific portion of spaghetti per serving. The sum that fits in the opening is a genuine estimation per serving.

A smaller pocket within the bigger pocket

Although these pockets do not serve their purpose today it was initially designed to accommodate pocket watches.

Additional piece of material that comes with new clothes

It is given so you may wash it and see what will be the effect of cleanser or detergent on the material and thus can keep it from getting harmed.

An opening in the highest point of a pen top

On the off chance that you coincidentally swallow the pen top, the gap will keep you from getting choked.

The Rivets on the pocket of the pants

They are present to keep the jeans from wearing out and tearing at the seams. And the buttons are called rivets.

Source : fewunknownfacts.com/2017/06/03/10-things-you-did-not-know-the-actual-use-for