Intelligence is not always a boon. Not when you live in a society with other people.


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Being intelligent has its downfalls. And the double whammy is when you are a good person too. An intelligent person with no empathy or concern about other people can survive very easily. He does not care.


But a good person who is humble and is scared of offending people, even when he/she knows that the other person is wrong, is usually having it difficult in this world.

1. Intelligent people are more likely to suffer from depression

They see this world with a perspective that is completely different from the general worldview. Add to that goodness, and sensitivity, the sadness doubles.

2. People get jealous of you and love it when you fail

Intelligence is a privilege. It is as good as riches and people tend to get jealous. And since good people do not give people the shit that they take, they tend to be ridiculed when they fail.

How many class toppers have you known who was made fun of just because he didnt top the class one term.

3. Everyone thinks you are arrogant when you make a point

Being assertive is not expected out of good people. And sound and lucid points are not understood very well by people either.

Conclusion – “He/she is so arrogant!”

4. Or thinks that they can take your case because you do not retaliate

If only you employed your sense of humor and and retaliated, no one would ever mess with you again.

5. People expect you to be happy and nice all the time

Somehow being good and intelligent comes with expectations of being happy and nice. These people are the same people as the rest of us. They get sad and on bad days, they get a bit rude too.

People forget that they are humans too.

6. You sometimes fail to live up to people’s expectations

Parents. Friends. Teachers. Everyone expects you to be the greatest human being that ever lived. They fail to see that intelligent people can choose any path they want to – even if it is in a mundane office doing mundane things.

7. You get more anxious of thinking what the other people think about you

As we have said, if it was an intelligent person with no empathy, he/she wouldnt have given a single fuck about how the world thinks. But sensitive people do, and they care about what people actually think about them.

This creates anxiety.

8. You tend to rationalize everything – even when you are getting hurt

Logical reasoning and rationalizing is a good tool, unless it is used to trivialize sensitive topics.

9. People do not like you because no one likes a know-it-all

That’s what we have even been advised to do – to not show that we know a lot – even if we do know a lot.

This is not because of humility, but because people simply do not like know-it-alls.

10. No one comes to help you assuming you can take care of yourself more than efficiently

Sometimes, even the intelligent need advice. Even they need help and support.

Sometimes, intelligence and being good, instead of being a privilege becomes a liability.

And that is when you really start thinking about how the society actually behaves.