New York City is a unique and lively area of the United States. Many of the most common methods of traveling involve using buses and subways as New York City is often referred as the city that does not sleep. This is mostly the case, because of the endless action that takes place. The subway is a unique form of transportation that thousands of New Yorkers take daily. There is a unique atmosphere in the subway, due to the random personalities that are spotted one the train. Some attempt to perform a criminal activity, while some live in the subway, although illegal. One specific individual, however, looked vaguely different from the rest.

When a common user of the subway in a 25-year old man saw a child on the subway, he quickly noticed something was much different about him. He was no ordinary child, and it was because of his unusual look in his eyes. His eyes were black. Such eyes are typically indicative of someone who is not of this world. Particularly demonic or someone who is probably human for sure.

When the older gentleman became curious about the child, he began to monitor him endlessly. He would track the child to see what he is doing and why he constantly just sits on a train and stares blankly. The child would never give any response as if he was in a trance. One day he did finally respond to the man and asked the older man for help. The man was clearly in fear. However the kid said he was scared and needed help. When the man was reluctant, he began to get much more aggressive.

The man became extremely scared and began to pray that the kid would disappear, however, his prayers became a reality. The kid disappeared out of thin air. However the man still had no clue who it was. He thought he was free of this situation. However he later saw an area full of black-eyed children and could not move around if he wanted it. Was it an alien or was it a demon. Whoever it was it was not a person who is acting solely on the power of humans. The man never traveled by train again. The interesting question is why did he suddenly see a multitude of the same child. Was it a cult of some sort or was the man simply seeing things and he had his issues? Only time may tell whether this issue ever arises again.