Woman Locked Up In Room For 20 Years, Found Naked, Now Rescued

A woman in her fifties who had been locked up inside a dark room in Candolim village near Panaji (Goa – India) for the past 20 years, was rescued by the police on Tuesday.

The woman was locked in her parent’s house and was served food and water through a window.

She was rescued after an NGO alerted the police.

Reportedly, the police found the woman naked and covered in urine stench.

Citing the family members, the police informed that the woman was briefly married to a man from Mumbai, but returned home soon after finding that he was already married.

The police officials said that the woman’s family members locked her up after she started behaving abnormally upon her return from Mumbai.

An NGO named ‘Bailancho Saad’ alerted the police after which it raided the victim’s house.

Reportedly, the NGO came to know about the woman through an email sent to them by a person who claimed to have seen the woman.

The woman was later taken for medical treatment by the police.

An investigation is underway and the police are yet to make any arrest.

The Goa State Commission for Women (GSCW) faces new challenges as the cases against women have been on rise in the state.

The Commission states almost 80-90% cases came from uneducated families.

The chairperson of GSCW also said the commission lacked powers to act and had to rely entirely on the police for taking any action.