The NWO gang clearly have their sights set on Syria. Here, a young well informed political analyst  provides some great insight as to precisely why:


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1. Syria’s Central Bank is state owned and state controlled, which means it serves the national economy and the wealth of the country is invested in the country. That makes it one of a handful of countries in the whole world who are free from a private central bank owned by the clique often referred to as the international bankers. This is also sometimes called Rothschild Banks, after the family who invented modern day banking, the Rothshilds. Their system of banking is rooted in debt, AKA financial slavery.

2. Unlike most developing nations, Syria has absolutely no international Monetary Fund debt, which is like the international loan shark of the world. This organization acts as the debt collection police of the international banksters and when they don’t get their loans paid on time, they force the targeted governments to allow them to take over local resources such as water, oil, etc.

3. Another major reason behind the all out assault is Syria has banned genetically modified seeds/GMO foods because president Bashar Assad wants to protect his people’s health.

4. Syria’s population is well-informed about the NWO, whose domination of the world’s puppet politicians by its think-tanks and secret societies is openly discussed in Syria’s media and universities. Such openness is anathema to the NWO, which must cover its operations in darkness.

6. Syria is a major opponent of Zionism and the state of Israel. And, as most people know, Israel is part of the globalists empire and the key state in maintaining control over the middle East.

7. Syria has a strong sense of identity and the NWO hate this. They prefer ignorant people who can be manipulated, as well as shaped by their mainstream media and Hollywood.

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