Two Guys Noticed These Pipes Sticking Out Of The Ground , They Never Expected This To Be Underneath

This story is about two German guys who found two strange pipes sticking out of the ground when they are out exploring the fields. This urban exploration turns out to be a surprising act for them as they have never expected this to be underneath those pipes.


Main Entrance

After seeing those pipes in the field, it was not too hard to locate the main entrance.

The entrance was around 100 meters far from the periscopes and was surrounded by coniferous trees. It was covered with a wooden lid, which was easy to remove by using a crowbar.

The entrance had an iron door with a broken lock.


Seems like a Haunting Place

When they both stepped inside from the swinging iron door, they found hospital like hallways.


That path seemed endless and they even found a pipe and a plastic bag lying in between.


As the place looked haunted to them, they decided to keep going straight in order to avoid getting lost. Small holes can even be seen on the walls punched with a hammer.


Just moving ahead, they saw a big hole filled with dirty water on their right.


Second Intersection

A little later, they reached the second intersection and found what seemed like a clogged entrance covered in graffiti. Seeing this picture it is quite obvious that they weren’t the first people to visit.


While crossing several turns inside, suddenly a big broken yellow door came out of nowhere. They were expecting for an exit or another dead end there.


They even saw bold Cyrillic letters written on the door.


Exit No 2

Then they saw “Exit no 2” written on a wall right next to the broken door.


After passing more heavy doors inside, they noticed that all the rooms seemed extremely destroyed and decayed.


Proceeding onwards, the graffiti clearly read, “Hallo Satan, I love you”. Not something you want to read down there.


The Video

This was not just the end of that secret place. Many more hidden facts from cryptic painting to flooded rooms and impassable corridors are still to reveal here in the video below. Go and check out this strange place with some weird things.

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