Things Which Can Make You Infertile

In times when infertility is becoming increasingly common, it is important to know what are the factors which can you make you infertile.

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in determining how fertile you are. While most people get lesser fertile as they age, their lifestyle choices and certain external factors affect the chances of getting pregnant. Maintaining a healthy weight, smoking and drinking are some of the factors which play a huge role when you’re planning pregnancy. In times when infertility is becoming increasingly common, it is important to know what are the factors which can you make you infertile. Read on to know the factors which are influencing your fertility rate to a great extent.

1. Smoking

You name a disease or a health condition and smoking will be one of the causative factors for it. Everyone is aware of the many harmful effects of smoking, including cancer. What’s more is that studies say that smokers have 10 to 40% less fertility rate than non-smokers. Those planning to get pregnant should quit smoking in an instant.

2. Sweets

Yes, indulging in your sweet tooth is one of the most joyous things ever! But eating too much of them can adversely impact your sperm count. Eating sweets creates a spike in insulin levels. Once the sugar high is gone, you feel drained and exhausted. This in turn leads to the adrenal glands releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones, which can affect your endocrine system. Consuming too much of sweet foods can also cause weight gain because they have high amounts of sugar- which is nothing but plain calories. Avoid sweet foods in times when you’re planning to get pregnant. It is going to help you in many ways.

3. Laptops

The current generation is obsessed with technological advancement. Everything today is done by clicking a button on the computer screen. While they have definitely made lives comfortable, they do come with their share of disadvantages as well. Experts say that keeping a laptop on your thighs can affect the quality of sperm and cause infertility. Studies found that the sperm ejaculated from men working with a laptop was significantly damaged.

4. Mobile phones

Today, mobile phones are around people all the time! They are as important as clothes, food and every other necessity in day-to-day lives. While there is no strong evidence which testifies mobile phones can cause infertility, they should definitely be kept away from groin area. This is because radiation from mobile phones can affect your sperm count.

5. Tight underwear

Men should avoid wearing tight underwear as it is not good for their sperm. This is because tight underwear increases the temperature in scrotum, an organ which is supposed to be cooler than the body. Tight underwear can affect sperm production and men should avoid wearing them.

6. Low-fat dairy

Women who consume low-fat dairy in large quantities have been found to have problems with their ovulation.

7. Obesity

Maintaining a healthy weight as important for men as important it is for women to get pregnant. Obesity is considered to be one of the leading factors of infertility. In women, obesity increases chances of miscarriage and affects menstrual cycle – which can make it difficult to conceive in the first place. Among men, obesity affects the sperm count. For those planning to get pregnant, remember that maintaining a healthy weight is very important. It might take a lot of hard work but will not only help you get pregnant, but will also improve your self-confidence.

8. Soy-based food

Surely, soybean is a rich source of protein and is a great food option for people who have adopted veganism. But soy rich foods might lower sperm count, say scientists. But there is no need to abstain from them entirely. Their consumption can be avoided when you’re planning pregnancy.

9. Triclosan soaps and deos

Who knew that common ingredient in soaps and deodorants were causing infertility! Shocking as it may sound many soaps and deodorants have triclosan as anti-bacterial and antifungal ingredient, which has been linked to infertility. Hence, the next time you go to the supermarket, do check for triclosan ingredient when buying your toiletries.

10. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can affect your sex life and cause ovulation disorders in women. Heavy drinking women find it very difficult to conceive. Furthermore, drinking during pregnancy or even early stage of pregnancy can increase chances of premature birth. While alcohol consumption should be kept to a bare minimum for your good health, it should be especially avoided in case you are planning to get pregnant.