Terror Attack Outside London Parliament: Several Killed And Injured


Two people, including a woman was killed while a Policeman sustained injuries after he was stabbed by a knife. His attacker shot by officers after a series of car and knife attack outside the Parliament area in Westminster on March 22, 2017. According to sources, the attacker has been identified as an Asian national. Further investigations are still underway.

While the developments unfold we take a look at what happened outside the Parliament in London.

A woman was killed and dozen others were injured in a knife attack and a car rampage on Westminster Bridge, close to the Parliament.  According to details procured from credible sources, “The attacker came rampaging in his grey Hyundai i40 and mowed down people on the way  on Westminster Bridge. He later sped the car, first crashing it into the railing, then running through the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbing the officer present in the area.”

Some of the people who were hit by the car have sustained “catastrophic injuries,” according to doctors attending the victims. The country has been taken up by alarm and the security officials are calling it a “terrorist attack” unless proven otherwise. With the injured in the hospital, the death toll of the attack is likely to increase. 

The Metropolitan Police has urged the civilians to stay away from the area, as according to them the attack is ongoing. 

As the security situation is tense at the site of incident and the neighoburing areas, it is difficult to get infomration from the ground. The Police have cordorned off the area and the British Parliament remains on lockdown. 

The Memeber of Parliament have been confined to the House of Commons owing to the security scenario outside the Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May was safely driven out of the Parliament. The situation is grim as the details of the attack, including the number of attackers, are yet to be investigated. 

Taken by alarm, the Police and paramedics has rushed to scene of the attack and are rendering services to the injured. The dead body of the attacker has been taken away from the site to avoid further panic among the people.

As the rescue operations are still on, it is imprtant for the residents of the locality to stay safe. The security officials have warned the residents to avoid the area. 

The details of the attack are being investigated. However, security expert Dr. Ambreen Agha, Research Fellow with India’s leading think tank Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), has ruled out the possibility of lone wolf attack given the complexity of the operation that included a rampaging car and a knife attack. She said, “The attack seems to be the work of at least two assailants who may have been inspired by radical Islamist ideology or rather, to put it precisely, ISIS.”