Suffering With A Bloated Stomach? She Get Rid Of Bloated Stomach In Only 12 Hours…Here`s How


A fitness blogger named Tiffany Brien shared a ‘bad day’ photo. She did this mainly to warn others to look after their bodies.

Namely this girl posted 2 pictures side by side of herself. In one of those pictures she looked really bloated and in the other one her stomach was flat. The shocking thing here is that these photos were taken only 12 hours apart.

The first picture was taken before she went to bed and the second one was taken when she woke up. As she said we are not all what we seem to be on social media.

She put these photos online to show everybody that no one is perfect and that is ok to have some bad days. This situation can happened to everybody.

According to Tiffany, her stomach was bloated due to a lack of sleep, stress, hormones and food intolerances. She also added that she has been struggling with this problem for many years now.

That’s why she tested her body and the results showed that this situation is usually triggered by eating certain foods and activities that cause her stress.

However, there were cases in which she wasn’t totally sure of what had caused her stomach to bloat.

According to her, even though she tried to live healthy and led a clean and healthy life she is still suffering from bloating of her stomach. She also adds that sometimes her body becomes intolerant to certain foods and her stomach gets bloated.

In such situations, you are left with no other choice but to work it out. Sounds like fun? Not really.

The main causes for stomach bloating are surely lack of sleep, hormones and stress. According to Tiffany, the main trigger is the stress. Namely she has a very busy and stressful job that pushes her every day.

She loves her job and she would not change it for nothing in the world. But in order to keep her body healthy she needs to do some de-stress activities and keep the balance of her body’s health.

One of those activities are yoga, walks with the dog or just putting her feet up and watching Netflix.

At this point Tiffany said that nobody is perfect and she is far from being a role model. We all have our areas of weakness.

Even though we know what we are doing wrong and we know how to change that, implementing that change in our lifestyles can be a bit hard.

We must try and try to get our sleep in order, relax more and eat right. Only by doing this you can help your body.

Tiffany did all of these and she saw an improvement in her health and decided to share her tips and photos.

Here’s why you might be suffering with a bloated stomach

Are you suffering from a bloated stomach? If so that this is not something that should worry you. This is a very common condition and it can be easily treated.

One of the long-lasting conditions that can cause the bloating are irritable bowel syndrome and coeliac disease.

In addition you should know that the bloating can be exacerbated by stress.

Also you must know that food intolerance could be an issue. You also need to know that fewer people are genuinely intolerant of food groups like dairy and gluten. If you are one of those people you should definitely see a qualified nutritionist for a proper diagnosis.

On the other hand in short-term cases, you may simply have excess wind, constipation or you could be swallowing air when talking or eating.

Tiffany’s tips to treat bloating include:

Get your zzzs!
It is very important for you to write a food dairy and reflect where and when you bloat.
Look into gut health supplements – multivitamins and probiotics.
Drink peppermint tea to soothe your tum.