The Social Network where user get paid to Chat and post content: TSU

In 2012 itself Facebook crossed 1 billion users and generated 5.1 billion $. A platform where all the content is created by its users and all the profit goes to Facebook.

Tsu if the first social networking site which will pay its users instead, and not only this but it pay 90% of its ad revenue back to its users. Because we deserve to get paid for all the content we create and time we spend there.
New York Times and Many other News sources have also appreciated it, because It’s your content, your audience and you should own it.

When only a few 100s of friends on Facebook makes thousands of $ annually for Facebook, don’t you deserve something in return while it is your energy, time and content! Now think about those Facebook users who have 1000+ or 5000+ Friends.

So far YouTube is the only platform which gives an option to its users to monetize their content and many have become millionaires using it. YouTube need you to post all original videos while tsu is just a normal social platform which you can use like Facebook or Twitter, create profile, add friends, do what you were doing normally and get paid for it.
Don’t believe me, just see the insight image of this user of tsu who is making at least 20$ daily with only few Hundreds of Followers:-

Tsu user Fans and Revenue by Tsu

Tsu Profile and Earning

The detailed daily report:-

Tsu new social peak

Tsu earning daily details

Tsu is free to use and invite-only.
Want to join? Click here for an invite from us to you.

This is a New Social Platform where users create their own content, do just what they used to do on Twitter or Facebook and get paid for it.
Beside this it is similar to Facebook but much easier to use and you can reach to all of your friends and followers there, no spam sponsored links or ads which you see on your Facebook newsfeed.

Lately Facebook have changed a lot, and it wants money for everything. If you have a Facebook page then you need to pay to reach to your followers, if you are a normal person and are there only to interact with your friends then you will see lot of post from pages or site which you have never joined, only because they have paid to Facebook for it. The main reason for which you have joined Facebook is not in the priority list of it and meanwhile they are making billion of $ using you.

It’s high time time you should join Tsu, get what you wanted and earning part is a big bonus.
Here is how its payment structure works:-

Let us say that 100$ is generated

*Ad revenue is generated on the basis of page views but only 10% which in this case is 10$ goes to Tsu.

* 90% of the ad revenue goes to the content owner (your status updates, pictures or videos like which you used to share with your Friends and Network on Facebook). In this case it is 90$.

The best part is that you get a small referral amount for each person who have joined the network using your invitation, so its best to join and invite all of your friends there.. User can join this Tsu network only through using and invitation. 
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