Sex Robots Are The New Future And Is Now Making Appearances On A Talkshow In Britain

So you’ve definitely heard about sex toys being a trend today especially for lonely people right? They’re so real. They can talk, move and even hold you like a real human. Humans are actually relying on them for love and comfort these days as some claim that they are much nicer than a real human that only seeks for something and argues when there is a misunderstandings. What do you think? Will you own a sex toy?

A sex toy recently appeared on a British morning TV show and surprised the world.

The sex toy had a name and was affectionately known as “Samantha” by her co-creators Arran Squire and wife Hannah Nguyen. However, during the interview on TV the sex robot was turned off to prevent it from saying anything inappropriate.

During the interview on Morning Show, Squire explained to the world about how the sex robot and dolls help so much to spice things up in a relationship.

Really? Oh wow.

He and his wife has taken Samantha in as another part of their family.

Squire had also claimed that his children would even ask how is Samantha doing, while knowing fully well the sex robot’s purpose.

Okay, now this is just getting a little too awkward.

But yes, apparently the doll Samantha, can be placed in “family mode” and that allows her to be in the presence of the children. The hots were visibly unnerved by the revelations which prompted the guest psychologist, Emma Kenny to chime in.

She stated her point saying that by people supporting these sex dolls, or sex robots, people are actually commercializing the female body. She also pointed out that the presence of Samantha was only damaging the relationship between Squire and his family.

Watch the Video below:

Clearly, she’s not a fan of these sex robots and dolls. However, Squire and his wife confirmed that these sex dolls are not meant to replace humans, definitely.

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