Light Your Room For A Whole Month By Using A Potato!!! – Video

A research has discovered that a potato which has been cooked for eight minutes creates a battery 10 times more power than raw.

Haim Rabinovitch, a professor of science and agriculture, conveyed an experiment with slices of potato quarters, placed between copper cathode and zinc anode, which were then connected with wire. He discovered that these units can light a room with LED light, for up to 40 days.

This discovery is very important not only for the scientific world, but also for the underdeveloped parts of the world, offering them so many opportunities and possibilities.

The only question at this point is: Why potatoes, and not some other vegetable?

Two reasons- potatoes can grow (almost) anywhere in the world, even in tropical and subtropical climate, and you can find them in abundance everywhere.

In this particular case, potatoes are not the source of energy, they only act as the connection or the bridge between the metals, allowing the electrons to run through the wire, thus providing electricity.