Russian X-ray girl thrills Japanese scientists with her remarkable gift!

This girl can see through!!!

Natasha Demkina: The Russian Girl with x ray eyes

She is Natasha Demkina, the Russian Girl with x ray eyes

This Russian based X-ray girl has thrilled many Japanese scientists with her extraordinary gift! British as well as Japanese scientists have acknowledged this girl’s astounding skill to see through humans and even animals.

Natasha Demkina- a 17 year old girl from Saransk, Russia- has become famous due to her amazing X-ray ability which allows her to see through people and diagnose their diseases even before any medical tests! Experts became interested in her phenomenon and invited her to London as well as New York to conduct a few scientific experiments. Researchers from Britain collectively acknowledged her remarkable gift, while the scientists from America hesitated to arrive at a similar conclusion. It was because of the fact that Natasha could successfully diagnose disease of just four out of seven patients. Natasha even passed a related test in the city of Tokyo where the Japan based scientists established the natural X-ray gift of this Russian girl.

Natasha says, “It takes me a lot of time to clarify everything which I can see. A few times, I can observe the diseases at their beginning stages- when neither the patients nor any doctor has any suspicion about it. This is where we had problems existing with the American scientists.”

During a test in Japan, she could see that one patient had one prosthetic knee while another patient had several unevenly placed internal organs. She even diagnosed pregnancy’s early stages and also pathology of a fetus in a female patient without any difficulty. She identified an uncommon undulating spinal curvature in a male patient. After this, Japanese doctors compared her drawing of curvature along with one X-ray photograph- and found them to be totally identical. When Natasha saw the last of her seven patients in the test, all the Japanese doctors started applauding her. Yet, it is just a first stage of tests.

Natasha Demkina was also offered to detect a disease in an aged Rottweiler but was afraid to come near the animal. The doctors then told her to only look at the paws of the dog, which she did. After five minutes, she pointed at the right back leg of the animal- where she observed a prosthetic tool.

Japanese scientists could not believe her when she informed them that she can even spot the diseases on photographs of people. For this, she was given a passport sized photo of a person and she promptly diagnosed a liver cancer just from the photograph of that person.