This Super Cool QUIZ Reveals Anybody’s Psychological Age! What’s Yours?

For many people “age is just a number”. We observe this in our daily lives as some of us act, feel, and behave like younger generations while the other group behaves like the older generations. It may so happen that you come across people who by their look and mannerism appear to be older or younger than their physical age. This happens because psychological and physical age are two different characteristics.

Douglas K. Symons, in the Encyclopaedia of Child Behaviour and Development, defined the Psychological age as “the subjective age-equivalent of a person or how old one feels.” He further explained that physical and psychological ages can be very different. A person can have a psychological age which is greater or less than his/her chronological age.

So, what is your best guess about your psychological age? This quiz, will give you the answer in a fun and interesting way. It analyzes various factors like what colors fascinate you and catch your attention in various photographs of nature. The visual effects that pop out and catches your imagination are linked to different phases, and thus ages, of life.

We are sure that you would be interested to know your psychological age. Just try it out and see if the obtained result measures up to reality.

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