After being rescued from the circus, lioness’ are reunited with the woman that saved them, heres the footage.

It’s lucky that someone captured this amazing moment on camera.


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The majestic lioness is a creature that you wouldn’t want to get too close to. But when this pair spots their human friend, they can’t help but run to show their affection.

At Malkia Park: Big Cats Rescue, staff work tirelessly to rehabilitate and care for animals that have been neglected, privately owned or have been rescued from travelling circuses.

When a woman who had been caring for these creatures caught their eye. The pair of lionesses couldn’t help but run towards her and show her some love.

Though the hug looks quite intense (and at some parts, quite dangerous) this lady knew what she was doing.

I don’t know about you, but we would most definitely be admiring these beautiful beasts from afar. Would you dare go in for a hug with a lioness?