Here are some of the most beautiful photos that are a part of a project by Richard Renaldi named Touching Strangers.


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These are some of the most amazing and well timed photos of total strangers in intimate poses.

Photographer Richard Renaldi’s series shows the world of total strangers…in most amazing way.


A Stranger’s memorable date

Richard says that when strangers meet, they act in most unusual ways and some are more comfortable with others and show their emotions through kisses on cheeks or hands.

In this photo, this young man and woman are total strangers and are not dating!


A cuddle on the way…

These two strangers hold each other in their arms while taking a trip on a public transport.


Surprise on wedding day!

This is a unique one and shows this lady on her wedding day- with a complete stranger- just before uncorking the champagne!


 This one is my favorite


Height Of Photography

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