People Share The Secrets They Can Never Tell Their Best Friend

We all have secrets. Secrets which we keep from our loved ones, family, and best friends.However, lies and secrets are like cancer to the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.

Check the most eccentric secrets that were kept from their friends.

Your Mom’s Here

We’re not that close of friends anymore, but I had sex a few times with a friend’s mom. I was 22 at the time, my friend was 18 or 19, and his mom was in her late 30’s.

She got drunk one night while I was over hanging out, and after everyone else crashed, she came over and started flirting with me. We only had sex 4 or 5 times, but it was amazing, and now, I’ve been into older women ever since.

Pretty sure he’d at least punch me in the jaw if he ever found out.

Plunder Away

I never told my friend that I know that her and her boyfriend used to steal food from my house.

Her boyfriend at the time basically stole from everyone and was always getting fired from work for stealing from the till.

The bit that upsets me is that she knew full well that if she needed food, I’d have given it to her. She didn’t need to steal it.

She ditched that boyfriend which is why we’re still friends. (And she doesn’t steal from me anymore.)

Unfaithful Husband

I think her eyebrows are too thin and I’m 99% sure if her husband isn’t currently cheating on her, he has and will again.

Also, her husband passed the “alcoholic” stage of problem drinking a long while back and it’s starting to affect how her kids see him.

High On Drinks

She literally becomes the most annoying person alive when she drinks.

Her husband and I have made a team effort of watering down any drink she has just to avoid gatherings where one of us has to listen to her ramble.

Friend Zoned

That I would totally marry her if she wanted.

Not because I’m particularly attracted to her, but because we’ve known each other so long (20 years) and know each other so well, I know I’ll never be that close and comfortable with anyone else.

Wife’s History

The night my best friend met his now wife (of 18 years) I met her about an hour before and we hooked up in the bathroom at party we were all at.

I saw them making out an hour later after I went to buy cigarettes. I never said a word and neither has she.

Revenge Backfire

So a long, long time ago we were probably 10-12ish, my sister and I were jealous of our neighbor having a pool party and that we weren’t invited to. So we found a dead squirrel in the street, picked it up with a barbecue grill we found on the side of the road and put it on her front doorstep with a note saying “this will be you!”

We ran home and told our dad, because we thought our Dad was cool. Turns out he totally ratted us out to our Mom. She flipped out and told us to go back and get rid of it. So we did. We came home and my mom had her purse and jacket on and told us to get in the car. She told us a neighbor saw what we did and called the police and we had to go down to the station.

We were crying in the car and my mom drove us down the road then stopped. She told us she made up the story about the police and it was a lesson never to do anything like that again. We didn’t, we’re still friends with our neighbor, and we never told her about it. That was almost 20 years ago.

Ransacked A House

I never told my friend that I found out it was him that broke into my place.

This occured back in the 1970s when I was a kid.

My family and I lived in the second floor apartment of a 2 family apartment house. Our apartment was a strange one as in addition to our front door, we had several other doors that led to different rooms to our apartment.

One day my mother, myself, brother, and sister went out. When we came back home, all our doors were wide open. We entered our apartment and our place was a mess. All of our stuff was all over the place. Every room was a mess. Like a burglar who tore through our apartment, tossing everything aside. There was no forced entry (we accidentally left one of our doors unlocked). In spite of our stuff being tossed around, nothing was broken. We were dirt poor, so we had nothing of value worth stealing. The most expensive thing we owned in our place was our 25 inch color t.v in a wooden console, but that was way too big and heavy to steal. Nothing in our place was stolen.

We called the cops who came over and made a report.

Weeks later I was talking to another kid in the neighborhood who out of the blue told me how he and my best friend (who lived a few houses up the block from me) came calling on me when I wasn’t home. They discovered the unlocked door and as a prank were the ones who opened all the doors and went through our apartment messing it up, tossing our things willy nilly all over the place.

I never told my friend (or anyone else) that I found out that it was him that went into my place and messed it up. But I was a little disappointed in him. And he never came forward and confessed to me. Never said anything about it. He never knew that I knew.

Today that same kid is an internationally renowned classical pianist.

Happily Ever After

I had a bit of a crush on this lady (ok, more than a bit of a crush). She was married, so it was a hopeless infatuation. I found out six months later, she wasn’t weren’t married but engaged. Although, her and her fiancé told people that they were married for convenience.

I made friends with her “husband”. He was a jerk. Everyone (including her) she knew it. A couple of months later, he and a few buddies beat a guy up.   She accused her “husband” but he vehemently denied it. She knew there was bad blood in the group and demanded that he not get involved. He told her he didn’t. She believed him.

I have a very email account that I still check from time to time. It is useful for sending anonymous emails. So I did. I pointed out every person that was involved. I sent it to her, not because of her “husband” but because she was an executive in the company that they both work for. It had the appearance of someone on the outside in grievance with the company and no one in particular.

She confronted him. He denied at first. But then admitted to it. They had a huge argument.

We’re married now. (Me and her, not him). She doesn’t know I sent the email.

Leaning Towards You

I have the biggest crush on her and it’s driving me crazy.

Mind you, I’m also a girl and she has no idea I’m not straight.

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