NASA Got Sick Of All Conspiracy Theories And Released 10,000+ Photos From The Apollo Moon Mission

t was small step for man and a giant leap for mankind, but did astronaut Neil Armstrong really land on the moon?


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The Guardian reports:

“Despite the fact that the moon landing conspiracy has been debunked many many many times, it endures. There’s a number of discussions with conspiracy theorists. For example they claim the moon landings were faked as a publicity stunt. “If the moon landing was real, why didn’t they go back?” is one argument used. And apart from the further five times they went back, that’s a fair point. Those other ones were probably publicity stunts too, but they kept those quiet.

“It was a scam to get one over on the Russians” is another argument. Another good point, the USSR and USA were involved in a space race, so the USA decided to cheat to get to the moon first. Sure, the USSR could have disproved their claims if they’d wanted, but they clearly trusted the Americans not to lie. They may have been willing to wipe out the planet over their ideological differences, but when it came to important stuff like space-based contests, they trusted the Americans implicitly.

So why, if the evidence is so damning, does the moon landing conspiracy endure? Well, it’s gone on long enough, someone has to finally come clean…

NASA recently published 10.000 photos from the Apollo Moon Mission, but were they expecting to be caught, or it was all legit and we are making things up?

To see more of these pictures please click here. Was this a means of silencing the conspiracy theorists on the event itself? These pictures are quite captivating whether they are real or not. Why weren’t these released sooner?

Is there something much bigger going on out there? Maybe the reason for not returning to the moon is based on something they found there? Eventually, it will all come to the surface. If you want a little more information on Moon landing conspiracy theories please watch the video below.


source: univverse, simplecapacity


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