Are You One Of The 2% Who Can Find The Killer In The Photo?


Make a good observation of this picture.


Look to the left of the picture and you would see the body of a deceased woman, covered in blood. Now you don’t need a seer to tell you that this woman has been murdered. But you have to find the killer. The suspects are listed from one all the way to four. And you are to fish out the guilty from amongst the innocent. Can you do this? Give it a try and see. I couldn’t crack it but you definitely could. Note that, once you think you have arrived at an answer, double check your work and only then can you look to see if you got the right answer.

The guilty one is the one numbered four and an explanation will be given.

1)The murder weapon – which in this case is the knife, is gone from his table and is by the side of the victim.

2)His clothes look remarkably ruffled and creased. Could it be that he had to physically struggle with someone at some point in time? Take a closer look at the sleeves of his shirt. It definitely looks like he was into some kind of a tussle with someone.

3) And on an even closer look, you would notice the trail of blood on the suspect’s ear. This is definitely a big pointer to the fact that he is the killer of the lady lying in her own pool of blood.

Okay, we are done. But before you go, I would love to know if you got it right? If you did, well congratulations and if you didn’t at least you tried. Practice will only make you better and smarter at solving these types of problems.
Where you able to accurately figure it out? Let us know in the comments below.