Nasa Discovers That The Bible Is Scientifically Accurate

Harold Hill, a NASA consultant specialising in space programs and the President of the Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore, have recently made a bold claim. It is based on the space scientists and astronauts at Green Belt, Maryland who experienced something extremely odd. They claim it has made them believe that the Bible is, in fact, true.


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The scientists were examining the positions of a number of space objects, including the Sun, the Moon, and the planets, as well as their positions in 100 and 1000 years.

This is a regular event to avoid collisions between the satellites and to model the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Their orbits must be determined in order to prevent the space objects from interrupting other systems.  During the inspection, the scientists discovered that some of the stories found in the Bible are true.


In the process of examining the position of these space objects, an odd red signal put everything to a stop. It signified that the computer calculations have either found something wrong, or the data was corrupt.

The scientists found out that there is a day missing in space in elapsed time. They called the service department, but nobody could solve this issue.

Then, one Christian explained that he was told about the Sun standing still in Sunday school. Expectedly, no one believed him, but no one had an answer either. The man took the Bible and showed them the Book of Joshua.

In the book, Joshua is surrounded by the enemy, and he is concerned that they would overpower him if the darkness falls. So, he asks Lord to make the Sun stand still.

“The Lord makes the Sun stay still for about a whole day until the people avenge themselves upon their enemies” (Joshua 10:12-13).

The scientists arrived at a strange conclusion that this was the missing day. After examining their computer calculations, it was suggested that  the missing time was 23 hours and 20 minutes, and not a full day.


They read the Bible again and saw that the story says “about a day”. Even though the biblical story was true, the scientists were still in dissarray because the 40 missing minutes could create problems in 1000 years.

The Christian in question remembered that in the Bible there is a story in which the Sun went backwards. Again, no one believed him, but then they read these words in the Book of 2 Kings.

In the story, Hezekiah is visited by the prophet Isaiah on his death bed, telling him that he is not going to die.

Hezekiah requests for a proof, and Isaiah asks whether he wants to see the Sun going forward 10 degrees or going backward 10 degrees.

After choosing the latter, Isaiah speaks to the Lord, and the Lord brings the shadow 10 degrees backward, which is precisely 40 minutes.

In conclusion, the 23 hours and 20 minutes from the Book of Joshua and the 10 degrees, or 40 minutes, from the Book of 2 Kings account for 24 hours, or the missing day.